Catching up…

I’ve done a few avoidance projects lately, because what are a few distractions when you know you have a time table and make up work ahead of you? Last weekend it was a hand towel, this week it was a hat. My mind shudders every time I look at the projects on my table and in bags that I know are slowly counting down to their due dates.  I really want to get them finished. Just without, y’know working on them.
Actually this week I’ve lost a bunch of project focus due to pilates. I’ve started doing an hour of that and some other miscellaneous exercises for my bad back and knee and have found that it plays rather well into my posture, overall sitting position and energy levels. I haven’t been able to sit still much and didn’t get much knitting done this week aside from this lovely Pup Tent hat done with a token skein of Spud & Chlöe Sweater in Popsicle.


It still needs blocking to open up the pattern a bit. I’m rather pleased with how it turned out.
So the disaster from last week has been restarted and we are already back to where we need to be and then some. I’m super happy that I managed to get that done tonight.
Now off to bed so I can be well rested, as surely I will be waking up a minute or 2 before the alarm as I seem to have the knack for doing so as of late.
I want to be as well rested and carefree as my Mancy.



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