Have I mentioned

Have I mentioned how much I miss my lys? I drive past the old shop front every time I have to go down town. It has a for rent sale sign up, and I know it will be more depressing when it actually gets occupied. I miss the company, of just being able to go out for a bit and hang out. I’m a bit of a recluse and I don’t travel far from home. There are some local groups, but they hang out way too far away on nights my husband has his college classes, so I’ve been really limited as I don’t really know anyone around here. Being socially awkward has its drawbacks when you’ve been a stay at home mom for nearly a decade and everyone is a good 20-30 years your senior. Maybe I’ll find a place and start my own local one?


4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned

  1. Is your ‘lys’ a knitters’ group? A local church hosts a group of knitters here; they work on their own projects and also do things like ‘knit bombs’–attiring statues with hats, scarves, and mitts for people to take. Maybe a church would be a venue?

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