While things are blocking

I’m gathering my notes and plans from the dusty filing cabinet in the back of my brain, trying to remember every little detail I had planned for the baby shower gifts. Now that I’ve finished them and they are washed and set out blocking and waiting to dry, it is packaging and planning time.

I’ve put together a little washing cheat sheet, with the yarn labels and matching yarn, and any missing information that may not be listed but helpful. I also tied the coordinating strings via hole punch so that each label and project coordinated.

My next plan was to make a little baggie of each color coordinate length of a couple feet with each color for repairs that may come to pass over time.


I was going to fold this up and slip it in an envelope aside the card so the mom to be has it all for when she may need it. I’ve never really made this many big knit things at once, and I’m super excited. I can’t wait to wrap and ship them out!


Garden related

Something I’ve wanted to do since we bought our home, was to take out all the wasp attracting bushes and revamp the front garden box. We have finally managed to get the garden box finished. After the last couple years of looking out and seeing small round bushes that needed to be cut monthly and risk getting stung to do so, while it seemed to be an 8 month job at that.

Here is what the house looked like when we moved in:


At the beginning of spring my better half cut as much of the bigger bushed under the windows down to the roots. I’m patiently waiting for those to be rid of entirely, but it has opened up quite a bit of the yard already and I have an idea of what I will plant next year if we ever get those out.  The actual garden box is bricked in front of the steps.
There were some annuals and mulch with the little bushes, but they made a mess and a nice home for palmetto bugs. We ended up clearing a tarp out of there and out came hundreds. Yuck!

After all the junk came out,  in came 120 lbs of sand to break up some of the harsh clay. Then came in a wheelbarrow full of compost from the bottom of the pile fresh with lots of worms. And to finish off Epsom salts and water.

Of course this allowed my husband the excuse to buy a few tools, the way I do with notions and yarn in my projects.


We have a couple of tomato plants, a squash plant, and my son’s evolvulus blue daze. It’s a pretty blueish purple plant.



We still have a ways to go, but I’m glad that we are finally making progress with the projects. There is so much potential, that I knew when we bought the house we would want to do something more with the front.

In the homestretch

I have one last baby shower item I’m working on, and I’m so close to being done, I’ve got less than 10 hours worth of work to be done. No non-knitter would ever get that as close to being done with a big project.

My sneak preview:


I’ve put all projects aside and have been working at full steam trying to finish this so I can get all projects washed, blocked and wrapped, shipped and in time for my sister in law’s baby shower.

When I’m not working on the big project, I’ve been terribly fixated on lace weight lace. Ravelry has stolen many hours from me that could have been much better used for knitting. There are so many beautiful shawls and stoles, that make me want to put my project down and start a new one. My brain is already planning new things ahead of my stash.

I will confess I may have started something in the midst of my big project, but put it down to finish the other.


50 rows in lace weight isn’t nearly as impressive as it is in other weights. I decided to use up some of my hand dyed laceweight I had lying around. It’s a challenge to see how far I get before I frog it or actually finish it. I haven’t had much luck with lace.
Back to the grind, I have a Walt to finish. 😉

I couldn’t wait

I get excited when I make people gifts. In anticipation of my daughter’s 9th I decided to make a fox. I was super thrilled with how the fox turned out, and ended up wrapping it up and stashing it the closet in hopes that it wouldn’t distract me.


As soon as I picked up the kids from school, I knew my resolve would be hopeless. It was like money burning a hole in my pocket, I was so excited and the adrenaline and thrill of completing another project had been fueling me all day. I just had to give it to her.

The fox idea sprang from a whir of the moment confession about a month ago from my daughter, proclaiming foxes were her favorite animal, and that they were just soooooo cute. So off on the pattern hunt I went. Nothing in the free category spot hit the spot. I started skimming the paid section, and there are so many cute ones! But one stood out, mainly for the chibi like features, and my daughter is into anime and anime drawing at the moment, so I knew it was destined to be the one.

Cut to yesterday afternoon, I let her open it. She’s making random guesses as to what it could be, mainly Pokémon related. And low and behold it’s a fox.


Happiest girl ever! She’s named her Fiona Faith Fox. She ran around with her all evening and chased her brother around with her and goofed off. She now has a new favorite toy, and I’m glad all the hours of sneaking around, hiding the project has paid off.

Finding a replacement lys

After losing my lys, I’ve been kind of mopey I’ll admit. I’ve known about another shop locally, but never stopped in due to a few not so colorful reviews. I finally bit the bullet and remembered that I’m not one to take others opinions as my own. I prefer to see things and judge for myself. It was a very quaint shop, friendly to furries. They are prepping to move to a larger local to make room for more inventory and make it easier for patrons to enjoy shopping.
The owner’s philosophy is handmade and hand dyed, original and not mass produced, the things that yarn shops are known for versus big box retail. I’m definitely happy with this, but it means online shopping for some of my favorite brands like Cascade, Berocco, and Madelinetosh.


I managed to stock up on lots of Malabrigo while I was there, and I see so many more projects in my future!

Mother’s day was great! My kids made all sorts of cards and gifts, I have a bit of a shrine on my book shelf. My daughter has learned the art of 3 dimensional paper work and had a blast making me her ‘card’.


I absolutely love it! She asked to borrow a knitting needle, but wouldn’t let me know why, just assured its safety.
My son brought home an adorable gift from school.


Then my step dad kidnapped the kids for most of the day, my husband and I had an unexpected lunch date. I was given a yarn shopping spree. So I’m currently waiting on parcels.


The spring MKAL that I’ve been lazily working on for the last few weeks got the official frog today. After viewing a few finished versions others made, I couldn’t bare to continue. I was on the fence the last few weeks. I was more conflicted when I couldn’t start another MKAL because I needed one of the colors in the spring MKAL. The more I thought it out, the less I liked it. I have many other projects to finish that I keep putting off. I’ve also started another in anticipation of my daughter’s birthday. She recently confessed a love of foxes. I found an adorable paid pattern on Ravelry, and am currently working on it. It’s hard to believe she’ll be 9 in less than 3 weeks!

Taking a break from the usual fiber arts, I was excited to be invited out to a team building excersize with my mom’s staff to an art place to paint. There was food and drinks, and good company. I’d definitely love to do that again, even by myself wouldn’t be terribly bad. It was a nice challenge and fun organized chaos. Painting isn’t exactly my strong suit, but it was fun learning how to do it.