The spring MKAL that I’ve been lazily working on for the last few weeks got the official frog today. After viewing a few finished versions others made, I couldn’t bare to continue. I was on the fence the last few weeks. I was more conflicted when I couldn’t start another MKAL because I needed one of the colors in the spring MKAL. The more I thought it out, the less I liked it. I have many other projects to finish that I keep putting off. I’ve also started another in anticipation of my daughter’s birthday. She recently confessed a love of foxes. I found an adorable paid pattern on Ravelry, and am currently working on it. It’s hard to believe she’ll be 9 in less than 3 weeks!

Taking a break from the usual fiber arts, I was excited to be invited out to a team building excersize with my mom’s staff to an art place to paint. There was food and drinks, and good company. I’d definitely love to do that again, even by myself wouldn’t be terribly bad. It was a nice challenge and fun organized chaos. Painting isn’t exactly my strong suit, but it was fun learning how to do it.



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