Finding a replacement lys

After losing my lys, I’ve been kind of mopey I’ll admit. I’ve known about another shop locally, but never stopped in due to a few not so colorful reviews. I finally bit the bullet and remembered that I’m not one to take others opinions as my own. I prefer to see things and judge for myself. It was a very quaint shop, friendly to furries. They are prepping to move to a larger local to make room for more inventory and make it easier for patrons to enjoy shopping.
The owner’s philosophy is handmade and hand dyed, original and not mass produced, the things that yarn shops are known for versus big box retail. I’m definitely happy with this, but it means online shopping for some of my favorite brands like Cascade, Berocco, and Madelinetosh.


I managed to stock up on lots of Malabrigo while I was there, and I see so many more projects in my future!

Mother’s day was great! My kids made all sorts of cards and gifts, I have a bit of a shrine on my book shelf. My daughter has learned the art of 3 dimensional paper work and had a blast making me her ‘card’.


I absolutely love it! She asked to borrow a knitting needle, but wouldn’t let me know why, just assured its safety.
My son brought home an adorable gift from school.


Then my step dad kidnapped the kids for most of the day, my husband and I had an unexpected lunch date. I was given a yarn shopping spree. So I’m currently waiting on parcels.


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