I couldn’t wait

I get excited when I make people gifts. In anticipation of my daughter’s 9th I decided to make a fox. I was super thrilled with how the fox turned out, and ended up wrapping it up and stashing it the closet in hopes that it wouldn’t distract me.


As soon as I picked up the kids from school, I knew my resolve would be hopeless. It was like money burning a hole in my pocket, I was so excited and the adrenaline and thrill of completing another project had been fueling me all day. I just had to give it to her.

The fox idea sprang from a whir of the moment confession about a month ago from my daughter, proclaiming foxes were her favorite animal, and that they were just soooooo cute. So off on the pattern hunt I went. Nothing in the free category spot hit the spot. I started skimming the paid section, and there are so many cute ones! But one stood out, mainly for the chibi like features, and my daughter is into anime and anime drawing at the moment, so I knew it was destined to be the one.

Cut to yesterday afternoon, I let her open it. She’s making random guesses as to what it could be, mainly Pokémon related. And low and behold it’s a fox.


Happiest girl ever! She’s named her Fiona Faith Fox. She ran around with her all evening and chased her brother around with her and goofed off. She now has a new favorite toy, and I’m glad all the hours of sneaking around, hiding the project has paid off.


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