In the homestretch

I have one last baby shower item I’m working on, and I’m so close to being done, I’ve got less than 10 hours worth of work to be done. No non-knitter would ever get that as close to being done with a big project.

My sneak preview:


I’ve put all projects aside and have been working at full steam trying to finish this so I can get all projects washed, blocked and wrapped, shipped and in time for my sister in law’s baby shower.

When I’m not working on the big project, I’ve been terribly fixated on lace weight lace. Ravelry has stolen many hours from me that could have been much better used for knitting. There are so many beautiful shawls and stoles, that make me want to put my project down and start a new one. My brain is already planning new things ahead of my stash.

I will confess I may have started something in the midst of my big project, but put it down to finish the other.


50 rows in lace weight isn’t nearly as impressive as it is in other weights. I decided to use up some of my hand dyed laceweight I had lying around. It’s a challenge to see how far I get before I frog it or actually finish it. I haven’t had much luck with lace.
Back to the grind, I have a Walt to finish. 😉


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