Garden related

Something I’ve wanted to do since we bought our home, was to take out all the wasp attracting bushes and revamp the front garden box. We have finally managed to get the garden box finished. After the last couple years of looking out and seeing small round bushes that needed to be cut monthly and risk getting stung to do so, while it seemed to be an 8 month job at that.

Here is what the house looked like when we moved in:


At the beginning of spring my better half cut as much of the bigger bushed under the windows down to the roots. I’m patiently waiting for those to be rid of entirely, but it has opened up quite a bit of the yard already and I have an idea of what I will plant next year if we ever get those out.  The actual garden box is bricked in front of the steps.
There were some annuals and mulch with the little bushes, but they made a mess and a nice home for palmetto bugs. We ended up clearing a tarp out of there and out came hundreds. Yuck!

After all the junk came out,  in came 120 lbs of sand to break up some of the harsh clay. Then came in a wheelbarrow full of compost from the bottom of the pile fresh with lots of worms. And to finish off Epsom salts and water.

Of course this allowed my husband the excuse to buy a few tools, the way I do with notions and yarn in my projects.


We have a couple of tomato plants, a squash plant, and my son’s evolvulus blue daze. It’s a pretty blueish purple plant.



We still have a ways to go, but I’m glad that we are finally making progress with the projects. There is so much potential, that I knew when we bought the house we would want to do something more with the front.


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