While things are blocking

I’m gathering my notes and plans from the dusty filing cabinet in the back of my brain, trying to remember every little detail I had planned for the baby shower gifts. Now that I’ve finished them and they are washed and set out blocking and waiting to dry, it is packaging and planning time.

I’ve put together a little washing cheat sheet, with the yarn labels and matching yarn, and any missing information that may not be listed but helpful. I also tied the coordinating strings via hole punch so that each label and project coordinated.

My next plan was to make a little baggie of each color coordinate length of a couple feet with each color for repairs that may come to pass over time.


I was going to fold this up and slip it in an envelope aside the card so the mom to be has it all for when she may need it. I’ve never really made this many big knit things at once, and I’m super excited. I can’t wait to wrap and ship them out!


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