My lys had a secret post tnna sale party

And it was great!


There was wine and champagne, a cheese and cracker affair. It was fun being invited into this group of people that I’ve known a short while, but met so many wonderful and talented ladies in it.
The yarn and roving was beautiful. The conversation was endless like the flow of wine.
I took the opportunity to talk to people, which is quite awkward for me, but I managed to make small talk, and it was great getting to meet new people. Sometimes you have to just step outside of your comfort zone and really go for it.

I spent most of my night eyeballing the lucious wonderland colorways of the Mad Hatter collection from Frabjous Fibers.


I snagged a few colors that caught my eye. Colors that I’ve been searching for but haven’t had much luck finding anywhere when I want them.

I ended up leaving the party a bit early with a migraine, which was just purely luck I left when I did, I nearly passed out driving home, as it was probably the worst migraine I’ve had in ages. Luckily I was able to get rid of it with my prescription abortive migraine meds.

The next day I was out to work, because I had more projects to work on, one being a bunny my son requested for his birthday, and the second was a beautiful pattern I stumbled upon called Avana.
I was dying to finish up his bunny to start it.


Not the best picture, but free pattern called Henry’s Rabbit. My son has been trying to sneak peeks and convince me to give it to him as an early birthday present, even though his birthday isn’t until July. 

If only life were that simple, having to be a little patient like a 5 going on 6 year old?


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