It’s not Friday but it’s finished!

Ok, so it’s not blocked, but it is done and ready to be worn to pieces. I can’t wait to wear all my summer tops with it.


I finished it with just the tiny pile next to it to spare. The yardage was pretty spot on for the pattern. I may have to make another Avana. It is designed to set beautifully no matter who wears it.

(Update: my terrible blocking skills and lack of extra boards made for an interesting challenge, but I managed, don’t mind the mess)

(Update 2, I’m not much of an outfit planner, but I wanted to show how flattering this was and it pops well with my reddish hair)


I did take a bit of a break before finishing my Avana because my better half and I managed to score some child free time over the weekend and planned dates accordingly.
Even our puppies enjoyed the break:


Now to get back to my lace projects…


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