Little bits of progress

Most of my projects are lace weight lace right now. I’m hopping and skipping between the ones that amuse my interest and challenge my mind. I have to say, there won’t be much progress for a bit because I’ve had a root canal,  and I’m heavily medicated and have issues with nerve irritation that usually lasts a few months.  I’m hoping that my really awesome dentist was able to fix the irritation problem at my emergency appointment and once I’m done with meds, I’ll be functional. I’ve fallen into a sinkhole of ogling projects to queue on Ravelry. Boy is that fun and addicting! Not to mention a great time killer.
I’m also due for another root canal after this one, but hopefully it’s not as bad and fingers crossed I’ll be functional by Christmas, ha.

In the mean time, the one and only project that I have kept up to date 100% is my Dancing bees MKAL.


I can’t wait for the next clue, this was a quick, easy going one, with such a variety a shapes and sizes.


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