When the gifts have been opened

It feels like forever since the baby shower items were finished and mailed out, but in all reality it was only a month ago. Now that the intended recipient has opened them I can share the pictures finally!

I was at quite a loss for gender neutral items when I first started my hunt, but eventually a few items came to the forefront of my search. The first is the Walt Painted Chevron baby blanket. I adored this pattern when I first saw it, I’ll admit that I had looked at a few others before coming back to this. The Walt is so modern and easily modified, and you can use multiple colors on it, the hardest part is picking out the color scheme. I sat there going over and over a few colors I had before running back to my lys and grabbing a few more.  It was worth it in the end.

20150525_002119_medium2 20150525_002146_medium2

Granted this isn’t the best of pictures because the colors are actually lighter than this, its a bit more pastel towards the spring color spectrum.

Of course I’ve never made a sweater and couldn’t get away without attempting to make one. By the time I had figured out what I was doing though, I had blown half the rules out of the water and modified the sweater to the point where it no longer resembled the original, and couldn’t fix anything that I might have done opposing the pattern. Thus a new pattern was born.


Points to anyone who can figure out where it originated from.

I hadn’t many ideas as to what to make for their baby is due in August, and most eye catching baby items that are gender neutral generally are winter/fall/spring and are clothing and blankets. I figured they may be getting a ton of clothes as it is. So I decided on a sun hat. It took a while to find the perfect pattern of not too girly or masculine. Believe me, it is really hard to do! So I found a simple pattern, Floppy Brimmed Sunhat. It was a quick afternoon/evening knit. I was able to use up some Blue Skies Alpaca organic cotton, that on the tag had said something to the effect of using it for heirloom items, I thought it was ironic, because my sister-in-law was intending to reuse the items with future children.


Lastly, and I mentioned this in an earlier post, I made a washing cheat sheet to go with, as well as extra yards of every color of yarn of every project in their own individual labeled project bags. I thought this would make it easier for any future repairs and washings. i know that is something I would love if I was given something home made.


I wish I lived closer and would have been able to attend the baby shower, but I’m glad that all was well received and can’t wait to meet our future niece or nephew!


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