SSRI’s, Sorting, and Sewing

This week marks the 6th or so week that I’ve been on a new medication for migraines, which I will admit has helped in some ways and not so much in others. Because it is not a typical migraine medication and actually an antidepressant used as a migraine medication, it’s got a few side effects that have slowed down my, well, everything in the last week. It’s an SSRI that hit me like a brick wall last week. Yawning and feeling tired have been the normal since I’ve started this, and I actually bounced back or so I thought after week two. I’ve been starting projects and only have managed to finish one quick toddler hat that was nowhere near my project queue. I have struggled with focus and motivation outside of that. I have an appointment in a few weeks with my neurologist, and I know quitting is not an option when it comes to medications of these sorts. I’ve only had maybe 5 days in the last month or so where I’ve been really out of commission due to migraines, and I can’t really complain otherwise. Maybe they will nix this and I can finally get my botox shot for migraines approved by my insurance. I just want to get back to my knitting without falling asleep!

In the mean time of not knitting, I have meandered through old baby clothes and toddler toys. My stepsister is pregnant and has just moved into an apartment and is starting over. So I managed to find oodles of things that we saved from all the garage sale piles that we never organized.  It was fun sorting and reminiscing, remembering all the toys the kids used to spend hours playing with when they were toddlers. The days where it was easier for them to find joy in small knick knacks. We managed to end up with about 4 parcels to send her by the end of all the house hold wares hunting and clothes sorting. It had me pretty stumped, trying to remember what it was first like living on our own, to remember all the things you need. I sorted through my sewing stuff and cosmetic bags and put a cute sewing kit together that is mom friendly and not too big. It’s just one of those things you don’t think of until you’re in dire straights with a hole in pants and the whole world can see it.

Speaking of sewing, Thing 1 has been pleading with me for sewing time. She had camp this week and missed out on most of her opportunities to sew, so she jumped on the chance to do so today. She is getting really good at it now. She is coming to the understanding that it takes a bit more planning than just coming to me a half hour before bed and asking to whip up a project she has zero plans made up for. After being told many times to plan better, she finally did!

2015-07-18 16.25.17

a little bit sunburned from camp, but she’s enjoying the leisureliness of sewing

She decided to make a kitty finger puppet, with a little technical design help, and picked out the colors herself. I helped explained to her why the dimensions had to be a bit bigger then the way her plans were originally drafted for, and once she finished sewing it up, it all clicked. She also figured out how to back track and fix tangles and mistakes today, so I’m pretty sure her future in crafting is pretty bright.


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