On a roll

Yesterday I got snowballed with errands. I brought my knitting with for the waiting I knew was inevitable at the doctors office, as my youngest had come down with an outer ear infection and we were waiting for the official diagnosis. So 2 kids in tow, gameboys and knitting. I finally had my knitting mojo back. I was almost done with one sleeve of the baby cardi I was working on, when I realized the needle had come out. I’m not a dpn fan, and I hadn’t even wanted to check my stash because I knew I didn’t have any that small. So off in the circular stash I crossed my fingers and peeked hoping to find one pair that wasn’t on a stashed wip. I spotted one and had never been so happy to have bought all those Chiao Goo needles from Tuesday Morning. They kept gauge too. So I’m looking to finish the cardi today, and move on to finish my other wips before starting anymore projects. *fingers crossed*


This morning I decided to rebuttonize (?) a pair of shorts that had a couple of buttons missing from the pockets. So I tasked myself with finding 4 matching buttons and prepping the sewing machine. Now I haven’t used the new sewing machine for buttons before, so I did what any sensible person does, I looked at all the feet, said nope, and grabbed the manual. I wasn’t going to try guessing because breaking needles and buttons was not in the plans this morning. I, for the first time ever, measured the buttons, set the machine, and managed to get all the buttons set into awkward pockets. I felt like a real adult for the length of time it took to get them on. Then I realized it took me longer to do that than it would to have hand sewn them. Such is the process of learning. A victory dance in my pj’s and a hot shower later, I was able to appreciate my new found skill with my shorts back in my wardrobe rotation.


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