Is summer really over already?!

Tuesday the kids went back to school. It got up to 95° and the ants have decided to reinvade my kitchen. It is rather comical how all summer long the ants have been coming in by force, and we have been staving them off with cinnamon, and then moved on to traps because of the dogs and the kids. Now they do not respond to the traps, because they are much more interested in the Captain Crunch on the top shelf of the pantry. Well, my husband has had it after throwing away a few boxes of cereal. We used to set out traps for the flying ants, when we lived in Olympia, consisting of honey or corn syrup and borax and making a soupy paste of it on a plastic container lid and leave it out of reach of children and animals right outside to draw the ants to it. It worked wonders during the mating season of the flying ants. So I finally decided to set the sweet poison trap, seeing as how they were so keen on sweets. Within an hour of putting it up there, there were a few carcasses laying around the trap. Now there is no signs of activity now, and even though it has worked I feel rather guilty for having to resort to such violent kitchen warfare.

Three more color change rounds to go on the blanket, which essentially is 6 rows. I’m excited. Seeing projects come to fruition is one of my favorite things ever, it’s in the top 10 list between naps and dark chocolate. I’m aiming to get my knitting energy back and get some wips finished after this. I’ve had way too many projects laying around for my liking. I will admit I had to frog the last round of the blanket 3/4 of the way because I forgot 4 stitches (twice), I’m glad I noticed it before I started the next row, rather than after, but it set me back two days. Each color row takes about 2 hours now, mainly because I lack the focus and attention to hurry it along.

Speaking of lack of attention, I’ve lost a big part of attention on my projects due to some of my energy being focused on organizing and cleaning and rearranging. Trying to make the house more spacially usable. I’m still trying to work out those kinks. We took the table leaf out and moved away from the wall and actually have an arrangement where we can all see each other and less clutter. We reorganized a closet that is half finished that could be converted in a pantry, and converted it the rest of the way so that it’s our cleaning supply pantry/ janitorial type supply area. It’s less of a mess and more functional than it was. We are going to be reorgnazing the kids closets in the upcoming weeks as well. Now I need to find ways to make things work better in the yarn room as it is feeling a bit crowded with a ton of unorganized stuff and miscellaneous projects in here. I think the organizing bug has bit me and has no plans to leave. I cycle through phases of rearranging and cleaning and sorting ever so often. I did it a lot when I was younger and had my own room. I wonder how I’m going to change things. Maybe I’ll go to a thrift store and see what I can find for organization so I can eliminate the need for the huge table to be up all the time.

We finally figured out what made the shower leak in the master bathroom. I could do a happy dance having the answers finally. Apparently the shower was remodeled by an amateur or the home owner at that point in time, and they did something really stupid.

They cut the fiberglass shower pan liner and caulked it up. This is a big no no. A) You don’t cut the fiberglass if you don’t know what you’re doing and you definitely don’t put caulk on it, B) if you cut it you are supposed to put epoxy and re-fiberglass it. If you don’t know how to do it, you get someone who does. Also, they poured the base crooked so the subfloor leans towards one corner which is where it leaked the worst, you can see visibly by the discoloration of the wood. The tiles on the outside of the shower are coming up and cracking because they are the wrong size and they continued the subfloor expansion outside of the shower. It’s going to be an entire bathroom remodel by the time we figure everything out. Of course the other tub started leaking again at the same time we discovered this, so I want nothing more than to win the lottery in a state that doesn’t even have it. *le sigh*

On the plus side, I get free range over the color schemes of the bathrooms. I wonder if they make knitted textured tiles? I don’t know but I’m thinking a pale yellow, porcelain blue, and cream for the tiling and doing a pale yellow paint for the walls.

Did anyone else enjoy the major cellphone outage hysteria on Tuesday? We had 3 1/2 hours of pure blissful peace and quiet. It sure was fun trying to make phone calls, and think someone had hacked your phone, only to find out it was everyone and not just you.


Amidst all the regular chaos, I discovered that a longtime family friend had passed away. It certainly has challenged me to put things into a different perspective. I have an aunt who has been fighting for her life for the last month and a half, and she’s at the point where she’s given up. And because my only superstition is that bad things usually happen in three’s, a close family member has been diagnosed with stage 1 lymphoma recently and we are awaiting more details. My heart is broken for these people right now. I wish there was something more I could do at this point to help.

In lighter news, we are still on baby watch, my sister in law has a few more days left before her due date. I’m super excited, and I know I’ve said it a dozen times already, but I can’t wait to meet our niece or nephew!


One thought on “Is summer really over already?!

  1. Sounds like crazy busy times. I am sorry for all the loss. So hard to take.
    As for knit tiles – I bet you could find a local potter whop would be willing to try to make some. And I think they would look cool. Love the color scheme, it is very much like the one I have in my craft room – creamy yellow with periwinkle blue trim and accent wall. It is sunny and nice, but calm. 🙂

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