I have a new….

All last weekend we were talking about when my husband’s sister would go into labor. Sunday was his mom’s birthday and we had been talking with her about how everyone was doing and wishing her a happy birthday as well. We were not expecting to wake up Monday to news of the baby having been born already. It was such a surprise!

In our family we tend to have birthdays right next to or on top of one another. My husband and my daughter are 1 day apart, my son and I share the same birthday, my dad and my sister are 3 days apart. so my mother-in-law and my new niece are a day apart. The birthdays are really something else in our family. I’m so excited to have another girl in the family! I love making girly gifts. I have a year to plan/knit her first birthday gift, right?

My dad, who doesn’t travel much, has gone to visit my aunt who is in the hospital and has been for the last month or so. She has taken many turns for the worse, but is making progress in recovery and is looking to move into a rehabilitation facility now that she is on the upswing.  He has been keeping me up to date on how everyone is doing up there as well. It’s been rather interesting to hear how things have been. This has been a nostalgic trip down memory lane for him, visiting his home state and showing my step mom where he grew up. It’s fun seeing pictures pop up on Facebook and getting to see where they have been and the scenic up state New York/Canadian border.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the Wool Eater. I don’t have very far to go now. Progress has been made at my neuro appointment and in the car line at the school. It is a great little lap warmer, especially sitting in the a/c with the sun beating on one half of you, and the other half freezing.


I’m so excited. Only a row and a half more until it’s finished.

I’m dragging on projects. Summer has taken its toll. We’ve had some really nasty humidity lately and yesterday was a beautiful exception to the rule.


We have so many beautiful trees and older foliage in our older neighborhood that walks are a nice scenic event. The Crepe Myrtle has been well taken care of, and is a very beautiful specimen. The kids enjoyed the walk, and were having fun looking at the newly repaved roads. Crews have been out the last few weeks, working on the major thoroughfares in our neighborhood to put new asphalt on. It’s given way to interesting topics. Like what the difference between concrete and asphalt was. They asked many questions, and made me rather glad I was as inquisitive as they were at their ages.


3 thoughts on “I have a new….

    • It consumes so much yarn! I don’t think you could use leftovers with this, I’ve already had to break out a second skein of one of the pinks for half a round it took so much. This blanket is like playing the ultimate game of yarn chicken, because you really have no idea how much more the next round will take.

      • Yarn chicken–I will have to remember that term! It’s a beautiful piece of work you’ve got, an heirloom in the making. (Knitting is my evening therapy; learning to crochet is on my bucket list, an after-retirement goal…someday I’d like to craft a blanket as pretty as the Wool Eater!)

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