I don’t even know what that is

Do you ever have one of those moments where someone asks you to do something, because it puts both of you at an advantage, but rather begrudgingly?

I volunteer at my children’s school throughout the year with class functions and had signed up again at the recent back to school affair before school started this year. I got an email asking to be the room mom for my daughter’s class. Now I have observed the last two years living here, as I have 1) never lived anywhere where such things have existed or needed to be of use, and 2) have minimal idea what such people do. So I did what any person does when coming across such mythological terms and meeting their fate. I googled it, I studied it, I pinterested it, I found school calendar stuff, I shall be prepared and brought out of my yarnie cocoon of a comfort zone. I shall be the best unprepared home room mom of the 4th grade ever. Or not. We shall see. They only asked because my kid has a ridiculous amount of food allergies, and I volunteer. They don’t know how socially awkward I am yet, or that I bring my knitting everywhere. I am literally laughing as I write this because this is the push I need to be less of a hermit and I know this will either make or break my social anxiety.

I finally have some finished objects to speak of…a hat for my steps sister and the baby blanket finally finito. The hat pattern is The Heartskull Hat and the baby blanket is the ever popular Wool Eater Blanket. I’m very excited to have finished both, as I’ve liked both and needed a good excuse to make them.



Now that my time restricted projects are complete, I can get back to all my shelved to wips. I’m rather excited about that, it has been so hard to see them in baskets and work on others without picking them up and doing a few rows.

Now that things are settling into a new routine, I’ve discovered something else to relax and wind down- I’ve discovered how to access my local libraries online pdf collection. Now all I need is some 70 degree weather and some hot spiced cider.


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