Short Rows

I like to think that as I grow as a knitter, things progressively get easier rather than harder. Such is not always true. This is why I’ve always avoided short row patterns, and also why my Dreambird shawl has sat on a shelf with one partial feather completed. I can’t find explanations on short rows that show me how to do them that don’t seem to vary from one to another illogically. What seems to count as a short row in my mind is not what seems to be prominently displayed in other interpretations. I’ve found videos that negate stitches, others that leave them there, so I just leave them be and live in my own little short row-less world just fine. Most of the time that is.

I’m currently working on the lovely Amors Arrow Sweater pattern. It has beautiful shaping for the bust line that gives it a sweetheart shape with a bit of peekaboo lace. It’s a sweater shirt that you could make for spring/summer/fall, depending on the yarn you use. I fell in love with it for a numerous amount of reasons. I loved the bust shaping, I loved the flutter lace on the edges, I loved the color blocking, I loved the lace. I couldn’t find a thing I hated about it, until I got to the darn short rows. I’ve convinced myself after ripping it out twice that it must be simpler than it really is, and that I’m just over complicating it because the wrap and turns are on the edge stitches and I am just the Jon Snow of short rows.

So here are the colors that I am using:


The yarn is Malabrigo Sock and the colors are Primavera and Ochre.

The body of the top is Primavera and the lace color block is going to be Ochre.


So far I am thrilled with the color pooling.  It’s a beautiful neutral tone that can be worn anytime with all the undertones of reds and yellows in it. I’m ready to get back to knitting, but first I must hang my latest finished object up so I can:



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