Recovery, a bit of knitting, and a yummy yarn package! (my appendectomy story)

Things have been slowly moving back to normal since my appendectomy. Having that out is not nearly as fun as you imagine as a child.I had had ultrasounds, a cat scan, and more tests than you can shake a stick at before my stubbornness finally asked for the morphine. It took 8 hours to get my diagnosis, after many blood tests, poking and prodding, a final reassurance that I had indeed not eaten or drank more than 10 oz of water the entire day and that I was ready to have that appendix removed – they finally wheeled me back and had it out within an hour. Believe me, I was one of the lucky people, who came in early, at the vaguest onset of symptoms. I was nowhere near the worst of it, had I of waited another day, boy would that be another story!


Once you get out of the hospital and back in your own bed you think life is going to return back to normal. It’s not that easy. They gave me opiates that made me itch and I would wake like a newborn through out the night, as if the nurses schedule of nebulizer treatments in the hospital wasn’t enough to keep me awake at all hours of the night. Knitting was out of question the first few days. So was eating. Slowly but surely my sleep schedule is getting back on track, it’s not quite there, but I’ll attribute that more to my book worming that anything. I have an appointment with my surgeon as a follow up tomorrow. The incisions are still sore, my belly button is probably the most annoying one at the moment, and seems to internally micro-tear every time I sit or stand up. Understandably, it is the most awkwardly placed one. It seems to be improving by the day, so I’m aiming not to feel it’s nuisance presence by Halloween.

Now for the fun stuff! I’m so excited to share a beautiful package of yarn and goodies I received from Heather Partangel at Enchanted Stitches. I have known Heather for years. She was my art teacher when I was in school, and she was always working on embroidering beautiful glass beadwork on bags, and treated some of her favorite students to a few special treats and was my favorite teacher. I got back in touch with her and discovered we both had a lot in common – including a passion for fiber arts. She has branched out from teaching and is now running Enchanted Stitches, on top of being a full time stay at home mom. She’s getting in new bases, and dyeing new colors, so be expecting new yarn yumminess soon! You can find Enchanted Stitches on Facebook here. She has done a brilliant job with the yarn, I will tell you that pictures don’t do it justice. I’m saving mine for the upcoming Supernatural MKAL, which you can get for free if you answer a trivia question. It’s going to be perfect!


The colors are Galaxy and Peach Melba- and I want to stock pile more!

The colors are Galaxy and Peach Melba- and I want to stock pile more!


A tea party was called for after being out in the ‘cold’

IMG_20150913_134913 IMG_20150913_165829IMG_20150913_170054IMG_20150920_210319

We’ve had some slightly cooler than usual days, low 70s, and the kids have been enjoying the change from the heat and humidity. Ray likes to borrow my hats when it gets a tad chilly for her liking. I enjoyed sitting and knitting while they played. It was fun just watching them get away from the electronics and legos for a bit. It gave me a chance to work some more on my “loud” hat. (it’s funny how in the spring 70 is shorts weather and in the fall it’s bundle up in all the knitwear weather)  As of last night I’m up to the middle of the 5th leaf, but it was a bit late to push much further. I’m hoping to be done by the end of the day, but I seem to have contracted a bug, and I’m hoping it’s a 24 hour one.

The only thing I have finished besides a couple of washcloths, was a skein of yarn from the squishy merino braid that I just received from Spunware Over The Rainbow. The color way is called christmas, and reminds me of those hard ribbon candies that taste like spearmint and peppermint. My spinning has not been the most consistent and it was not my finest skein, but it will make a nice hat or scarf, maybe even wrist warmers. Who knows, I haven’t decided. I have a feeling I’m going to be mighty busy once things get back to normal.20150920_110247


Guess who just had an emergency appendectomy?

Just when you think the week is going to slow down, you find yourself being drugged with morphine and being wheeled into an or. I don’t know how the next 24 hours post op is going to be, but we’ve already had to cancel appointment reaccomodate plans for the kids, I couldn’t bring my knitting with. They fear knitting stuff worse than the tsa here. It was interesting talking to their security gaurd about contraband items.

Getting woozy, time for sleep.

Stash Purge


When the brain and fingers refuse to cooperate, the pumpkin spice lattes and cleaning purges begin. It was a bit of a drizzly day to begin with. I don’t like sitting idle. Outlander was over much sooner than I had expected last night to my dismay. I thought I had another hour of reading, and ended up with that lost feeling, between the lace rage, the book despair, some personal familial dysfunction-because my family puts the fun in dysfunctional, the week has been a bit sporadic. The room parent duties are picking up, and I’ve apparently jumped the gun, and done some of the stuff I needed to ahead of myself, now it’s just a matter of organizing chaos and making sure people have things together so we can communicate effectively. I don’t want to be overbearing or unorganized and lackadaisical. I’m an anxious person can you tell?

So now I’m waiting for emails, waiting for a list. In the process of waiting and not knitting I have started rearranging. I do this sporadically. It’s either a nervous habit, a depressive habit, or one to keep me from the latter. It refreshes the scenery, the mind, and makes new of the old. It’s the ingenious bargain makeover. It’s a great way to clean as you go as well. You find all sorts of treasures that have gotten lost with the ages and trash that mysteriously never made it to the proper facilities. Then for some reason, you reach a point where you may think I have too much in here. What happened to the nice simple room? It’s all chaos now, no matter how much I clean! The decluttering has begun. One thing leads to another and then before you know it, you finally come to terms with the size of your yarn stash. You no longer need to hoard the acrylic you don’t use. No seriously! I can hear some of you laughing with doubt. I know not everyone has a broad spectrum of materials in their yarn stash. I’ve gotten to the point where I just can’t use cheap acrylic without breaking out and I can no longer fool myself into thinking I’m ever going to use it, gloved and long sleeved or not.  So I organized and wound some of the larger balls, and made an album and listed them locally for sale. There were a few miscellaneous cotton and wool and some bamboo blends mixed in. But I had to be realistic. If I ever wanted to make use my stash, I’d have to get rid of things that were taking up room for potential yarn.


I feels weird getting rid of the first big chunk of stash I have ever had, but I turn around and look at my shelves and still have a ton of yarn to work through. I just need motivation, inspiration, and maybe a good rolling black out to get it all going.

Tink/frog/ knit again

Little by little I started making headway on the lace of my Amors Arrow sweater, and then I didn’t. Boy did I not. I tried to fudge things. Many rows later I decided to tink a few rows back to fix a problem. Nay, that was not helping. Finally I pulled my extra long circular and inserted it like a lifeline back to the first row of the pattern. Sometimes starting over is the only solution.


I also think I’ve been a bit distracted. I’ve started reading Outlander and it is a looooong but interestingly detailed series. It’s got a bit of everything for men and women. Seeing as how we eliminated our cable when the hubby stopped working for the company, I’ve not the faintest idea what the show is like. So to the online library rental it is, otherwise I’d never finish it.

This part in particular made me laugh and nearly cry:


Now to catch up on the book and finish it before it disappears from my library!