Tink/frog/ knit again

Little by little I started making headway on the lace of my Amors Arrow sweater, and then I didn’t. Boy did I not. I tried to fudge things. Many rows later I decided to tink a few rows back to fix a problem. Nay, that was not helping. Finally I pulled my extra long circular and inserted it like a lifeline back to the first row of the pattern. Sometimes starting over is the only solution.


I also think I’ve been a bit distracted. I’ve started reading Outlander and it is a looooong but interestingly detailed series. It’s got a bit of everything for men and women. Seeing as how we eliminated our cable when the hubby stopped working for the company, I’ve not the faintest idea what the show is like. So to the online library rental it is, otherwise I’d never finish it.

This part in particular made me laugh and nearly cry:


Now to catch up on the book and finish it before it disappears from my library!


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