Oh Craigslist! (and a sweet tart smoothie recipe)

Sometimes Craigslist is my bff, my homeslice, my favorite thing ever. Sometimes I forget that the people who use it are just humans that can be total flakes.

I got hooked by someone that wanted to buy the lot of yarn late Friday night, who happened to be an out of towner willing to meet as she had business in the city this weekend. She talked about all sorts of stuff once she realized I spin, asked dozens of questions, was looking for more info and how to’s, being helpful, I tried to aim her in the right direction on spindles and wheels, guilds and groups. Come Sunday a half hour before we are to meet up, I receive a message telling me she was too busy due to familial obligations and couldn’t meet, I asked her if there was another time she preferred and got nothing in return.

I get the family stuff, that’s no problem. You could have told me that before I got up early, got dressed and put my make up on though. I hate being strung along, especially if you know you were never really going to buy it the first place. I was hoping to have the cash in hand so I could pay for a much needed filling that I was getting done today because my debit card got hijacked by some person who decided they needed to download something on Amazon for $9.99 the other day and I’m waiting for my new debit card from the bank to get here. Not that the cash was important, but the premise of it all. People who commit and back out, use me, and waste my time are really annoying. I put my plans on hold waiting for them to get back to me and they never did. I’m not the kind to get my hopes up, but I don’t really like to blow people off either, I try to keep an open mind and think that maybe something good will come out of the situation. I grew up in the family of chaos where nothing ever went as planned, the money was never there, the timing was always a day late and a dollar short. I always hold out just in case the person makes the 11th hour call saying hey, I’m so sorry, but…..happened. That’s what I did Friday and it worked out great. This, not so much the case. You win some, you lose some, you move on.

It’s been a bit of a frustrating weekend between my own family and their antics along with the whimsicality of the circus this created. I rather hope the only ‘fun’ left this week is taking Warrior to the vet for his post ear/yeast infection check up. He is a super happy pup again, so I don’t think we will have any problems other than getting his rear in and out of the car, and it looks like we are due for some storms Thursday.

I took a break from my usual knitting and crocheting and broke out the wheel. I oiled it up and brought it back to life. It took and hour of prep work just to bring it back to working order. I forgot how much work it took after not having used it nearly 9 months (?),oh I can’t remember. It was fun, and boy do my knuckles hurt. I marathoned 4 oz of Malabrigo Nube Cereza and it was lovely, fuzzy, lumpy and squishy. I forgot how hard it was to spin an even, thicker yarn with Malabrigo, it’s go thin or go home. There is a ton of pre drafting and pre pre drafting. My knuckles were nearly done before I started, mainly because this has been marinating in my stash for the latter part of the year since my prior lys shut down. I wanted something bold and striking to work on, yet reminiscent of fall and Cereza is the color. It has a bit of pink to it, which reminds me of the sun going down in the evening over the trees as they start to change colors.

IMG_20150908_100825 IMG_20150907_181210

Over the weekend I also had fun making smoothies and found a new ridiculously sweet-tart combo that anyone who loves those sort of candies, would like a healthier version:


Mine was a single serve, and all the ingredients are:

  • Strawberry Kefir – fill 1/2 way to fill line after all fruit ingredients are added
  • Cranberry Mango juice – fill the rest of the way to fill line
  • locally harvested honey – 1 tbsp
  • chia seeds – 2 tsp
  • mango chunks frozen – 6 chunks
  • whole strawberries frozen – 3 large strawberries
  • peach slices frozen – 3 large slices

I made mine in my bullet style blender, but you can make it in any blender any size.  Enjoy!


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