Supernatural MKAL update

We have started a tradition of participating in F.A.R.E.’s Teal Pumpkin Project. I know I’ve talked about this before, but this is a big deal this time of year. I used to get super anxious when my daughter was little trick or treating. So much that I couldn’t go with when they went out, and I still don’t, but now it’s because I stay home to hand out non-food treats instead. It’s hard to enjoy taking your kids out when the only thought on your mind is how oblivious people can be to food allergies-how quick a thoughtless candy purchase can lead to an emergency room visit. Kids sneak candy when you aren’t looking.


Would I be the mean dictator parent who doesn’t let my kids go out at all because of one child’s allergies over another who doesn’t have any?

I never saw the logic in that.

My husband would go out, and explain to each person handing out candy that she has food allergies. She would still end up with tons of Reese’s peanut butter cups and Almond Mounds, and stuff like that in her treat bag. Asking adults to do the right thing was like talking to a brick wall, asking a 3 year old to take responsibility for her body when she couldn’t ever read a label was like asking a fish to climb a tree. We implemented a wait until we get home policy. We sorted and let her pick a few pieces she wanted and dumped the rest. Nobody where we lived accommodated food allergies.

I wished I had heard of this project earlier and had gotten involved sooner. Now that my daughter is 9, an avid reader, a professional allergen identifier and exaggerator, she can be trusted to go trick or treating without the tightened reigns the way she used to be. We still sort candy and such, but now she negotiates trades with her younger brother who doesn’t have any food allergies and gets all his good candies instead. There will never be a Switch Witch in my house though, I’m not even going to get into my sentiments on it.

Switching gears,I’m really happy that I’m finally onto my main color in my Supernatural MKAL. The beautiful color way is Galaxy by Enchanted Stitches on their superwash merino sock base.

The colors are Galaxy and Peach Melba- and I want to stock pile more!

The colors are gorgeous and are a dream to knit with!

They also have another one of a kind run of Galaxy here, catch it quick before this gorgeous color way gone. The other color, the tonal orange, is Peach Melba, a one of a kind that was so scrumptious that I had to have it when I saw it.



It’s maddening how large this thing has gotten already. I’ve had to overnight some cable connectors because I don’t have any and my 60 inch cable is maxed already. I’m almost halfway through clue 3. I’m hoping to finish that by the end of Wednesday in time for clue 4. I’ve been playing a game of catch up-and by goodness I’m almost there. I did notice when I was on clue 2 that I made an error in the lace between the star points where I added and took out stitches to account for missing yos. I ended up with a bubble somewhere. Not exclusively looking for it, you won’t see it, but I was horrified when I first noticed it and put it down for about a day. I had to think on whether to tink back or not. Decided not to undo so much work, mainly to save time and catch up rather than waste it. Really glad I didn’t. It will be the nagging imperfection that I sit and remind myself that humanity, life in general, the world itself, is imperfect for a reason. It also reminds me of one of Sam and Dean’s scars- just a reminder of a run in with the hell they’ve been through-can’t we all relate?

In a moment of reflection, I’d like to take a moment to honor the memory of my Uncle George who passed away this past week. He grew up on a farm in upstate New York with 11 siblings, and was a very devout man. I can only remember meeting him on 2 occasions. Once at my grandmother’s funeral, and the second, a few years ago, when we were in town for my sister in law’s graduation. We were able to sit down and chat for a while and have coffee. He was a loving, hardworking, family man. He is dearly missed.


Unexpected knitting time

This weekend didn’t go as planned. That seems to be the theme this year. My dad ended up in the emergency room twice instead of traveling here, and I also found out that my uncle is in the hospital as well. Plans are being readjusted as details are coming to light.  My dad’s issue is nothing life threatening, it took 2 days to find that out, but my uncle is on a respirator and has been fighting for his life all week. It’s been rather exhausting preparing for visitors and then being hit with a double serving of bad news. We are hoping that we can readjust our plans and travel for Christmas to visit my dad and step mom and then go up to my in-laws for new years.

The weekend wasn’t a complete bust though. My daughter had a great time at the Girls Science and Engineering Day at the University of Alabama. They had all sorts of fun events including building their own robots and launching rockets, dog training and watching and all women crew land a Blackhawk. 

With her gone, my husband took our son and went to the Space & Rocket Center and I had me time. I took a shower and got back to tackling my sidelined Supernatural MKAL.

I have made so much progress this weekend. I’m only at row 50 on clue 1, but I’m hoping to be done with clue one by the end of tomorrow.


Sitting still

Lately it’s been a bit difficult to find the time to sit and unwind with my knitting. I’m slowly working on a sweater for my daughter. The Supernatural MKAL started last week and clue 2 was released yesterday. I made a mistake and could not find it, and had to frog the entire thing.


I’m not experienced with working from the center out of a pi shawl. This one is going to be a bit fiddly going for me, especially keeping track of all the yarn overs. I keep losing them.

I haven’t had much time for knitting. There have been birthdays and non stop errands. Time seems to elude me, and by chance I get a moment to sit and relax, knitting is the last thing on my mind. I’ve found myself falling asleep on the couch more than once. Maybe it’s all the fresh air?


My better half has spent a lot of his off time building a doghouse. The kids are enjoying this because it gives them an excuse to go outside and hang out with him. I enjoy watching them bond, it reminds me of my childhood. There were many times I would use my dad working on cars as an excuse to go hang outside. I’d help him wash them and end up hosed down. We’d have long philosophical conversations.  My dad lives too far away to pester like that now. At least I get to see him tomorrow!  He’s driving down with my step-mom to visit for the weekend. I haven’t seen them in 3 years.

It’s going to be a fun weekend. Along with family visiting, my daughter has  Girls Science & Engineering Day over at the local college. They are going to be doing fun robotics things and science experiments, which is right up her alley. She’s going to love it.

The kids have already gotten the Halloween costumes. We have Ash and his Charizard!


We are going to be participating again in  the Teal Pumpkin Project. The Teal Pumpkin Project is an awesome alternative to handing out candy and raising awareness to food allergies. This is going to be our second year, and our response was great last year. The kids loved the little toys we handed out. The parents thought it was a smart change from all the sugar. My daughter has deadly food allergies, as does my father, I have mild ones, as you can tell- they seem to be genetic. So this project, cause if you will, is very near and dear to me. I made a bunch of goody bags with stickers and pencils/eraser, glow in the dark vampire teeth and those assorted Halloween rings. The best part was that it was cheaper than buying candy.


Don’t ask my kids for a nice picture, like ever, this is what you’ll end up with:


Bunny ears. 🐰

Autumn is showing and I love it!

We are in full swing of fall finally. The trees are changing color, the leaves are falling, we are finally getting colder weather. Coincidentally the sun has gotten the message and and hasn’t been seen here in a week either. It’s been a bit rainy and chilly. The mornings are filled with fleece jackets and the kids are getting smart and remembering to bring their favorite accessories finally. My children are anticipating our fall break this upcoming week, and already am I thinking of ways of boredom busting for rainy day weather. We will see how long it lasts before we end up at the Space and Rocket Center and the library.

The room parent duties have been overwhelming my muddled recovering mind lately. (I will admit it’s a bit hard to concentrate when you can’t focus while you’re in pain or on pain killers, it’s a no win situation) I would be doing better, but I had some surgery complications which extended my recovery in the most annoying possible way. On the up swing finally and fingers crossed, I’m leveling out and getting my head straightened to out just in time to panic for deadlines that I thought I had a few more days to panic about a few things.  I have managed to get everything put together and at the 11th hour at least, it is a matter of waiting now. All this week time will be spent waiting for packages of what will be coming in the mail, the kids will probably think it’s for them. Our theme is family fun & games, it is our auction ‘basket’ for our class. We will have some board games, out door activities, and some movies and popcorn. We raised funds from our own class to do it. I’m also going to see if I can also get something put together for her teacher as well this weekend as it is her birthday the Saturday before she goes back. We also have to donate something to my youngest’s class, as it totally slipped my mind. I feel like such a flake.

Before I got sucked into the complications, I was able to spin some gorgeous merino bulky yarn that I mentioned in a prior post. I ended up needing a simple project that was quick to keep my hands busy and my brain semi busy while it shut down for a bit during my second recovery. It helped while I was stuck in the e.r. for three hours waiting to see a doctor and another two waiting to get ultrasounds, diagnosis and discharged. I didn’t realize how much people look like zombies on their cell phones until you look up from your busy work and see the ‘duh faces’ of everyone looking at their phones, wasting their batteries. I had it 2/3 done by the time I got home, and that was being lazy, fidgeting around in pain, and checking with the guy at the front desk a million times to see how close I was to getting a room because sitting was not very friendly. I don’t recommend ever letting your child share their staph infection with you- it’s a rather inconvenient pain, especially on an incision site.


These colors show truest and remind me of Christmas ribbon mints


Self striping bullseye


Speaking of hats, I managed to finish my lovely  As The Leaves Begin To Fall hatand finally got pictures that were decent!


It’s funny how the raspberry color is more accurate in this picture…


…and the pumpkin color is more accurate in this picture!

It was such a change to work with these colors, as I don’t typically use either of these in my knitting often at all. It didn’t fit as well as I thought it would, so my daughter has opted to wear this hat a bit lately and it compliments her dark brown hair and blue eyes quite well. I asked her if she would like to have it, and she told me to give it to someone else as a gift because I’ve made her so many things. I don’t know whether she is feeling spoiled or that she’s found out I’m skipping Christmas gift making this year and is feeling guilty. Maybe she’s outgrowing handmade things? Her brother volunteered to take it until he realized there was raspberry pink yarn in it.  I will have to make him a complimentary hat when I get a few projects finished. I keep delaying things way too much. It’s time for things to get back to normal.