Autumn is showing and I love it!

We are in full swing of fall finally. The trees are changing color, the leaves are falling, we are finally getting colder weather. Coincidentally the sun has gotten the message and and hasn’t been seen here in a week either. It’s been a bit rainy and chilly. The mornings are filled with fleece jackets and the kids are getting smart and remembering to bring their favorite accessories finally. My children are anticipating our fall break this upcoming week, and already am I thinking of ways of boredom busting for rainy day weather. We will see how long it lasts before we end up at the Space and Rocket Center and the library.

The room parent duties have been overwhelming my muddled recovering mind lately. (I will admit it’s a bit hard to concentrate when you can’t focus while you’re in pain or on pain killers, it’s a no win situation) I would be doing better, but I had some surgery complications which extended my recovery in the most annoying possible way. On the up swing finally and fingers crossed, I’m leveling out and getting my head straightened to out just in time to panic for deadlines that I thought I had a few more days to panic about a few things.  I have managed to get everything put together and at the 11th hour at least, it is a matter of waiting now. All this week time will be spent waiting for packages of what will be coming in the mail, the kids will probably think it’s for them. Our theme is family fun & games, it is our auction ‘basket’ for our class. We will have some board games, out door activities, and some movies and popcorn. We raised funds from our own class to do it. I’m also going to see if I can also get something put together for her teacher as well this weekend as it is her birthday the Saturday before she goes back. We also have to donate something to my youngest’s class, as it totally slipped my mind. I feel like such a flake.

Before I got sucked into the complications, I was able to spin some gorgeous merino bulky yarn that I mentioned in a prior post. I ended up needing a simple project that was quick to keep my hands busy and my brain semi busy while it shut down for a bit during my second recovery. It helped while I was stuck in the e.r. for three hours waiting to see a doctor and another two waiting to get ultrasounds, diagnosis and discharged. I didn’t realize how much people look like zombies on their cell phones until you look up from your busy work and see the ‘duh faces’ of everyone looking at their phones, wasting their batteries. I had it 2/3 done by the time I got home, and that was being lazy, fidgeting around in pain, and checking with the guy at the front desk a million times to see how close I was to getting a room because sitting was not very friendly. I don’t recommend ever letting your child share their staph infection with you- it’s a rather inconvenient pain, especially on an incision site.


These colors show truest and remind me of Christmas ribbon mints


Self striping bullseye


Speaking of hats, I managed to finish my lovely  As The Leaves Begin To Fall hatand finally got pictures that were decent!


It’s funny how the raspberry color is more accurate in this picture…


…and the pumpkin color is more accurate in this picture!

It was such a change to work with these colors, as I don’t typically use either of these in my knitting often at all. It didn’t fit as well as I thought it would, so my daughter has opted to wear this hat a bit lately and it compliments her dark brown hair and blue eyes quite well. I asked her if she would like to have it, and she told me to give it to someone else as a gift because I’ve made her so many things. I don’t know whether she is feeling spoiled or that she’s found out I’m skipping Christmas gift making this year and is feeling guilty. Maybe she’s outgrowing handmade things? Her brother volunteered to take it until he realized there was raspberry pink yarn in it.  I will have to make him a complimentary hat when I get a few projects finished. I keep delaying things way too much. It’s time for things to get back to normal.


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