Unexpected knitting time

This weekend didn’t go as planned. That seems to be the theme this year. My dad ended up in the emergency room twice instead of traveling here, and I also found out that my uncle is in the hospital as well. Plans are being readjusted as details are coming to light.  My dad’s issue is nothing life threatening, it took 2 days to find that out, but my uncle is on a respirator and has been fighting for his life all week. It’s been rather exhausting preparing for visitors and then being hit with a double serving of bad news. We are hoping that we can readjust our plans and travel for Christmas to visit my dad and step mom and then go up to my in-laws for new years.

The weekend wasn’t a complete bust though. My daughter had a great time at the Girls Science and Engineering Day at the University of Alabama. They had all sorts of fun events including building their own robots and launching rockets, dog training and watching and all women crew land a Blackhawk. 

With her gone, my husband took our son and went to the Space & Rocket Center and I had me time. I took a shower and got back to tackling my sidelined Supernatural MKAL.

I have made so much progress this weekend. I’m only at row 50 on clue 1, but I’m hoping to be done with clue one by the end of tomorrow.



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