First frost at last

We have been enjoying flip flops and shorts for as long as possible down here in Alabama. It has managed to stay around 60-70 all through out October and into the beginning of this month. Believe me, I’ve been wearing flip flops, tank tops and capris for as long as I can get away with them, and accessorizing with knitwear.  I might look a bit silly but I hate dragging out the winter clothes. Last night was our first frost. Even the dogs refuse to stay outside for any length of time. This means the holidays are right around the corner, and I really need to get shopping done since I’m not doing knitting this year.


I was able to take the kids to the park on Veteran’s Day. They had off from school. We discussed a few things about veteran’s earlier in the day and then they were set free to join the other kids on the playground. It was a beautiful 73° day, and probably our last until spring.

My sister has requested a Slytherin hat. The colors are definitely in my stash,  the cable length for my interchangeables has not been. I can’t work on super short ones, and never thought to check my fixed ones until I was out of the house, and forget every about them every time I’m home. I managed to free up an interchangeable needle cord from another hat I finished up last night, so no doubt it’ll fit.


Also on Veteran’s day, my eldest had so much planned she seemed rather disappointed when I told her my plans for the day. So we sat down and discussed. She is really into sewing. Hand sewing that is. She will eventually work her way to regular fabric but for now she’s working with felt for amount of things that you can make with it. She’s learning the difference between felt woven and knit materials and why felt is more of a novelty and it’s not made for clothing. So she makes small items out of it.


She ended up sewing a Pokéball hanging ornament. Sewed one side, on the back we glued felt to cover up the unsightly knots. I made and icord out of the red thread for her to hang it up with and we put that in between the layers of felt. She loves how it turned out. She felt useful having done something creative and constructive with her time. It was a good 3 hours well spent, especially discussing techniques and fabrics and all the little history lessons that you wouldn’t expect to pop up that do. I love her and her curious mind.

Our planned baby shower was a success. My stepsister was surrounded by tons of people and food and presents galore. All the items went over really well. I’m not going to post pictures of the shower but I will share a picture of the blocked cardigan. It took forever for me to get around to it. It’s a newborn size. It looks like it wouldn’t even fit a doll, but it may fit a baby! My stepsister had her daughter this week and she is tiny. So tiny that none of her clothes are small enough to fit her. My younger sister and I went to visit her in the hospital and she is just the tiniest. I got my baby fix in while I was there -long enough to last until we get to Indiana and our new niece.


I’m so excited that we have Christmas plans this year.  We are going to be driving to Virginia to my Dad and step mom’s.  After Christmas we are going up to Indiana to visit my in-laws and see my husband’s family. His sister and brother-in-law just had a baby back in August, and she is just darling. We really can’t wait for the holidays this year.


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