Winter…. is not coming apparently

Thanksgiving last week was spent with my mom, stepdad and sister, along with my intermediate family. It was a rather quiet event. It was probably the first one where the weather was temperate and everyone but the kids was agreeable and nobody cared about what was going on in the outside world for one day. It was nice. My mom and stepdad knew we are going out of town for Christmas and sprung that upon us early. I wasn’t expecting that, but the kids enjoyed it very much so and it left the adults with some peace and quiet for a short time.


It is now officially December and today it was in the upper 50s here in Huntsville despite the rain. The view above is from the parking garage at my neurologists a week ago, the view below is the dismal cloudy, foggy, rainy today. All the other filters made it too bright and cheery compared to how bleed and gray it really looks. If only I could get my leaves and last week back! Ha!


It’s actually been rather pleasant up until Sunday, when we were cursed with this never ending rain that seems to be settling in for good. December also means we are going to be visiting family! * insert super excited yay here * It has been an eternity, or so it seems, since we have been on the traveling end of a family visiting vacation. We are looking to visit the in-laws in Indiana first and then my dad and stepmom second in Virginia.

I’m getting rather ahead of the trip planning. I have several school functions to take care of and gifts to make-I didn’t think I was going to be doing those this year, but I got a special request (x4) and that is a rare thing that I couldn’t say no to along with a trip to the yarn shop! I’m done with one of the four items already, number 2 is giving me grief but that is user error for no paying attention. So I will sit my happy rear down and put my needles to work the first free moment I get.

Do you remember the mittens I was talking about making in project avoidance? I made a couple pairs.

I started on another pair, but ended up being swept into gift making, so those are on hold for now.


Scrap yarn hat ornaments are an incredibly fast and fun item to make and take less than 25 yards. There are a ton of patterns on Ravelry, I just went off of my basic hat knowledge and found them rather simple and nifty to create. These are going to be making the trip with me and handed out with Christmas cards. I’m hoping we get to experience some snow while we are out, because we have had to turn the a/c on and get experimental in the kitchen with vanilla sugar butter cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream to cool down.


Since last week was Thanksgiving break, I will say that I am grateful for the time I got to spend with my mischievous children. (the maniacal laughter of children is always welcome in my home) They make life interesting and I’d be lost without them, especially when thing 2 does silly things like this:



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