Sueño & Harvest, Oh my!

There is 1 duty free teachers lunch full of card decorating, 1 class party, 1 1st grade musical, several ufos (unfinished objects that is), and a long car ride until Christmas. Also several gifts needing to be wrapped.

I’ve also thought about writing a pattern for some of these awesome boot cuffs I was requested to make, but fell in love with designing. My life is full of Hi-Koo’s Sueño right now. I have been working with Feza Harvest also, which is a beautiful organic Merino. I picked them up at my LYS. I could brag about these two, but I will share a glimpse of what I’ve been working on.


The shinier stuff is the Sueño, while the not so shiny is the Harvest. My life has been filled with boot cuffs lately, and I will be overjoyed when they are with their intended recipients. Now that I’m officially on 7 1/2 out of 8, I’m getting to work on my ornaments. I was also going to make a wardrobe for Thing 1’s Barbie, which is a gift that she isn’t expecting, but asked for earlier this year. It’s name is Raquel, her name is Rachel. It’s rather fitting. So now I’m on the pattern prowl for Barbie clothes for a tomboy, which is rather fun and difficult but between the internet, my needles, hooks and handy dandy sewing machine-I think I have this.

Other than those spoilers, I’m just waiting on the ultimate migraine relief, my migraine patch prescription approval. Hopefully, that will of through insurance in the next day or so. It looks amazing, and after looking at the pamphlet, I could have used it yesterday after speaking to 3 different pharma reps and getting stuck on hold on and off all afternoon. Fingers crossed everything falls into place these next 2 weeks.


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