Leaving in less than 48 hours

Let the packing panic begin. Okay, it’s not that bad, but I’m totally not ready mentally. I’ve organized things and gotten them together for weeks and prepped for months and now I’ve gotten to the point where I’m losing sleep reorganizing and added this, subtracting that, and my neat lists are m.i.a.

The presents are wrapped, but I’m constantly telling myself “No, no, no. This simply will not do. You must even this out and add just a smidge more.” I feel like I cheated them on things because we weren’t able to afford things this year as we did in other years. Granted I made things out of yarn, and good stuff at that, I feel inadequate. It’s a strange feeling. Non crafters don’t know the costs, labors and so on that go into the work. I know the gifts that are going to these particular recipients are going to be appreciated, I’m just kicking myself with my own anxiety.


Last week was chaotic, and to a degree it went better in some ways than planned. Thursday the teachers had a luncheon planned and parents volunteered to watch the kids for the period. Because it was the first year doing so with a block schedule for the upper grades, communication was a bit lacking. Once that was figured out, it went rather smoothly. Most of the kids were really easy to deal with, and I’m sure if there weren’t any laptops involved, the rest would have been more involved in the card making activity I had planned for them. They made holiday cards for their home room teacher, and if they were done, they could make one for whomever they choose. After they were done, I passed out candy canes and had made a new friend in the class with one of the girls.

Friday the kids had a party scheduled for the end of the day. Parents were asked to come and I was not made aware of that until I arrived and had to park at the far corner of the school and had to simultaneously juggle 5 bags and a purse and buzz into the school while parents smiled and watched on. You never realize how much you are being watched until you have your arms full. Once inside I had to make a mad dash to the classroom because I had ice cream that I didn’t want melting, only to get trapped in the front area of Fort Magnet Doors. The lady at the front had somehow confused me with a regular ole boring parent and tried to keep me corralled with the rest of the herd. I explained to her that I had to go set up and I was the room parent, but that didn’t work. Eventually I snuck back when someone else got buzzed back.

The party went pretty smoothly for a bunch of 4th graders. They are at the age of I still want to bounce off the walls, but I want to sit here and annoy you to death-and they are really good at finding that balance. Especially the boys that decided a contest to see who could fit more grapes in their mouth was a better idea. So I had to watch out for the kids that were trying to Darwin themselves out and limit their grapes and mean old lady lecture them.  The rest of the party went great. They had so many options to choose from, I was surprised that so many kids choose the healthier items. It was a big win to me.

After the party I signed the kids out early and we went home. They were both stuffed and ready for some peace and quiet. One read, Two napped. When Two got up he had a high fever and was a bit disinterested in everything. No food, tv, activity or even sleep could cheer him up. Now there is a phantom fever with mild nausea going around my house. Nothing more or less, hits for a few days & ends sporadically. Probably some strain of the noro virus we’ve already had before.

Now that we are in the home stretch I can finally post a few f/o’s!


a hat for a family friend


leg warmers for baby Elise

…and in non knitting news, I found this fabulous gem in Thing Two’s first semester papers he brought home, fair warning it is silly and inadvertently crude:



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