Who are we?

Earlier this week a query was posted on another blog akin to being labeled. Are you a knitter or just knitting? Are you an onion with many layers that make the person that is you, or are you a single definable term and quite content with it?

Philosophy is not usually my cup of tea, but this resonated something deep within me.

Who am I? I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, room parent, care taker, pyrographer, painter, artist, fiber artist, knitter, crocheter, baker, cook, maid, chauffeur, organizer, planner and many, many other things. To simply narrow it all down and smack a label down on it for me, is incredibly difficult. To me, it’s like stifling out the flames of who I am to refer to me only as a mom, or only as a knitter. I’m capable of plenty and to limit one to a single category should be a crime. My passion of the week will change, but I will still be me.

So the question of the hour is, who are you?


Trying to stick to a resolution

I made a personal resolution to myself to start finishing all the w.i.p.s that are in bags scattered about my craft room, and the ones that aren’t in bags because I’ve run out of bags to manage. I’ve had a small sweater started on my table for my daughter, that is one of the non-bagged projects. I’ve purposefully left it on the table to nag me. I’ve managed to get to a point where I have a back panel done and now I’m almost done with a front panel but the decreases make no sense and make me want to pull out my hair. If I follow their instructions I’m going to have to bind off stitches at the end of a row and reconnect the ball of yarn but have have a gap. It doesn’t make sense and I need to go to my lys. My brain is in too much confusion for that and I really don’t want to work on anything else. Most of the other projects require tinking of some sort, adjusting or deciphering, hence the sacking. There might be a few non problematic ones, but I will have to hunt. I’m just in that delirious I want to start a new project phase but I don’t know what I want, but I have itchy needle fingers.

I’ve only broken my resolution once this year and that was because my mom needed a hat.



Excuse the terribly bad lighting, and poor quality photos, I modeled it before handing it over the next day so I’d have reference photos. Pattern is Knit Night Hat and it is not the first one I’ve made, but is a nice slower paced vanilla hat pattern. I love the brim on it, it’s a clever change and will have to make another for when my hair grows back out, as I just cut off all my hair. Ok, maybe not all of it, but most of it. I got tired of it taking an hour to blow dry and style my hair. Now it takes about half an hour, because I can’t fudge the styling lol.


I finally have started spinning some more, and I think it compensates for some of my non knitting time. I love the texture of merino and bamboo together, but it is a bit slippery to ply.



I’m pretty sure I miscalculated my yardage, but ended up with 280 yards worsted from 4oz, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to count it again.


I fell in love with the colors at the shop. It had to follow me home, just like every other ball of yarn and bag of fluff. This in particular is reminiscent of the ocean and the sun or the sun and the moon. All things I’m fond of and think of when I see these colors. This bag of fluff in particular was a bunch of small mini batts from a local fiber artist. I’m always excited to find local artists and try their wares. I can’t wait to go back and see what else I can find.

Friday I had to pick the short people up from school early due to hazardous weather. We got a wee bit of snow and a ice. Mainly rain through out the day. It warmed back up in to the 50s but we’ve had a bunch of drops at night.


Those drops have lead to the most pathetic puppies I’ve ever seen. They are aimless and bored, and above all, couch hogs.


So I’ve been spending more time sorting and organizing while my other half has been slowly ripping out the bathroom and sistering the existing something or other. I have no idea but it’s important. There’s a hole in my floor above my ceiling in my downstairs bathroom. It’s huge!


It’s definitely progress. We’ve already had another unrelated leak so it’s almost a rush to get this one done to start on the other bathroom. We went to the hardware store the other day and discussed our options on tiles and hardybacker and all that fun remodeling stuff. It almost feels real. Some girls get excited planning their weddings, I get excited planning remodels!

ROC Day!

We have a local artists hangout market in a converted factory in the middle of town called Lowe Mill. There is a plethora of artists in every genre of artistry you could imagine there. From tea to pottery, cigar box guitars to a whiskey distillery, they seem to have something for everyone. My mom found an article alluding to events of the fibery nature, and I was aware of St. Distaff’s Day, but hadn’t been actively looking for anything as we haven’t had a full weekend to ourselves since we’ve been back from our trip. She finally persuaded me to go and dragged my little sister along for the ride. My sister had an agenda of her own, so my mother and I were on our own.


We enjoyed walking around and visiting all the different stores. I found a Saori Weaving shop that is a Kromski outfitter. *be still my heart* I finally was able to get a replacement for my wheel oil that broke ages ago. I’ve been using a medicine syringe, and that is a mess. I also found a luscious batt of merino bamboo while I was there that managed to find it’s way home with me.


We discovered a pop up shop called 3 Rings Traveling Apothecary that is one of the coolest places I’ve seen there. They have natural and organic items for skin care and house. I ended up getting a bath oil that doubles as a oil you can use as an alternative to baby oil. It smells pretty good and comes in a wicked cool vintage upcycled apothecary jar. They also make soy candle melts with essential oils, and they smell awesome and are reasonably priced. So I picked some up to go with the new warmer that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas.


We eventually found our way around after a few treats and made it into the room where the main even was being held. My mom ended up being coerced into weaving! It was so funny, mainly because my mom is shy and not usually the type to volunteer to do things. There was a woman with a small floor loom set up and was having people who weren’t familiar with weaving, learn the basics. She was also showing them how to add pieces in the middle of the row for artsy pieces. It was fun to watch and talk with her. She had a beautiful jacket on, made from pieces that she had woven. I need to trade my loom for a smaller one, because this looks like much more fun than what I have to go through.


Also at the event, many of the lys’s throughout the neighboring cities contributed items as well as our local fiber guild to raffle off. My mom won a bag of chocolate brown bfl from my lys for me. Way to go mom!


There were so many ladies and a few gents that traveled in and out of the event. So many spinning wheels and knitting needles flying, and even few crocheters in the mix. I regretted not bringing a project to join in on the the fun of the demonstration, but I had enough fun wandering and discovering the local artistry and getting out and enjoying some quality time with my mom and sister.

Update on my infinity scarf:

It’s finished!!!!!



Although blocking it didn’t really stop the vicious curl this scarf has, I’m glad I made it extra long rather than the patterns stated length. I was trying to match where the orange met so when I sewed it up, it would appear invisible and seamless.



My doesn’t blocking make a world of difference!


I tried to post halfway through my trip right before we left Indiana for Virginia, but apparently the app doesn’t like me posting out of my stomping grounds. And did I look to see if it had posted? No. Oh well.

We had fun at the in-laws in Indiana, between seeing the changes in town since we’ve moved from there and the Christmas lights, the kids were never bored. They enjoyed learning new board games and spending time with their new cousin Elise, who is only 4 months old, and has her own special temperament that keeps everyone on their toes


Here all of my husband’s sisters and him are recreating a childhood picture, I only wish I had the original to do a side by side, it was hilarious to watch!


Aunt Lydia holding Elise


Ethan in his first game of Jenga!


Rachel learning to play Sequence


wp-1451266568253.jpg wp-1451266548217.jpg


After the fun, food and family in Indiana we went on the road again, and someone had the brilliant idea to say “Hey, let’s avoid the toll roads, set the gps in avoidance!”. Guess where we ended up in? The mountains and middle of nowhere West Virginia.

20151228_133802 20151228_135946

But guess what else you find out in the middle of West Virginia?


Sheep! (Sorry the picture is terrible, but we were driving)

I think we drove past 5 sheep farms on our way down to Virginia. It was fun to see all the farms. I learned a new thing while driving through the rural areas, apparently the big painted quilt squares on the side of the barns are to distinguish the Mennonites in the communities. Thrones that I’ve seen are done in a pin wheel pattern in shade of blue and white. They are such a neat work of art out in the middle of greenery, and a welcome sight after a couple dozen cows, horses, and dilapidated buildings.

Once we got to my dad and stepmom’s house things changed pace. We ended up getting a hotel room in town.


Everything seemed to cool down and the humidity was 100% when we got to town. I don’t think us southerners were quite prepared for that. We did manage to have a few nice days. The kids were able to go on a hike in one of the local popular hiking spots. After that we spent most of the time hanging out and catching up. I ended up seeing my BFF Heather and spending new years eve with her and her fiancé. She’s my favorite person, and it’s been like 6 years since I’ve seen her, so this was a long overdue get together. We hung out at her hotel room watching tv and chatting, me- knitting, and catching up. When we talk it’s like we just had a conversation yesterday even if we haven’t spoken for 6 months. Her fiancé was fun to hang around and good conversation too. I’m super excited for them, because they are getting married this year! (about time ❤ )


My better half was quite miserable taken by a sinus infection for most of this leg of the trip and happily obliged to staying in with the kids while I caught up on some girl time. By the end of the trip the kids learned another game and we were longing for our own beds and trying to figure out how we were going to cram everything in our vehicle. I forgot to mention earlier that we got a topper made out of fabric that we put the suitcases in on top of our suv, and it torrentially down poured the entire trip up, and soaked through our suitcases leaving us with nothing dry to wear. So the first night at my in-laws was a scramble late in the evening with cranky kids to get things dry. We learned out lesson after that. The second leg of the trip it rained on and off, but the homestretch was beautiful!


Finally mastered dominoes enough to play each other

Driving home was great until we got to Chattanooga, and boy did that feel like living back in the metro DC area again.


eating breakfast before checking out, he didn’t want to get up at 5 am, and neither did I

IMG_20151228_112320 IMG_20151228_112150


When you’re 10 miles from home and this is your view and you’ve never even driven through this area *snap a picture like a crazy lady*


Finally, the familiar territory! When you’re so giddy with excitement you want to jump out of the car and run the rest of the way but you know that will take longer than sitting on your hands and waiting patiently.

We chased daylight and we won. Even ordered a pizza and beat it home. And then realized we ordered at a prime ordering time. We finished unloading and had a load of laundry in by the time everything had settled and the pizza arrived. It was a nice way to end everything.

More than anything, I missed my puppies.