Trying to stick to a resolution

I made a personal resolution to myself to start finishing all the w.i.p.s that are in bags scattered about my craft room, and the ones that aren’t in bags because I’ve run out of bags to manage. I’ve had a small sweater started on my table for my daughter, that is one of the non-bagged projects. I’ve purposefully left it on the table to nag me. I’ve managed to get to a point where I have a back panel done and now I’m almost done with a front panel but the decreases make no sense and make me want to pull out my hair. If I follow their instructions I’m going to have to bind off stitches at the end of a row and reconnect the ball of yarn but have have a gap. It doesn’t make sense and I need to go to my lys. My brain is in too much confusion for that and I really don’t want to work on anything else. Most of the other projects require tinking of some sort, adjusting or deciphering, hence the sacking. There might be a few non problematic ones, but I will have to hunt. I’m just in that delirious I want to start a new project phase but I don’t know what I want, but I have itchy needle fingers.

I’ve only broken my resolution once this year and that was because my mom needed a hat.



Excuse the terribly bad lighting, and poor quality photos, I modeled it before handing it over the next day so I’d have reference photos. Pattern is Knit Night Hat and it is not the first one I’ve made, but is a nice slower paced vanilla hat pattern. I love the brim on it, it’s a clever change and will have to make another for when my hair grows back out, as I just cut off all my hair. Ok, maybe not all of it, but most of it. I got tired of it taking an hour to blow dry and style my hair. Now it takes about half an hour, because I can’t fudge the styling lol.


I finally have started spinning some more, and I think it compensates for some of my non knitting time. I love the texture of merino and bamboo together, but it is a bit slippery to ply.



I’m pretty sure I miscalculated my yardage, but ended up with 280 yards worsted from 4oz, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to count it again.


I fell in love with the colors at the shop. It had to follow me home, just like every other ball of yarn and bag of fluff. This in particular is reminiscent of the ocean and the sun or the sun and the moon. All things I’m fond of and think of when I see these colors. This bag of fluff in particular was a bunch of small mini batts from a local fiber artist. I’m always excited to find local artists and try their wares. I can’t wait to go back and see what else I can find.

Friday I had to pick the short people up from school early due to hazardous weather. We got a wee bit of snow and a ice. Mainly rain through out the day. It warmed back up in to the 50s but we’ve had a bunch of drops at night.


Those drops have lead to the most pathetic puppies I’ve ever seen. They are aimless and bored, and above all, couch hogs.


So I’ve been spending more time sorting and organizing while my other half has been slowly ripping out the bathroom and sistering the existing something or other. I have no idea but it’s important. There’s a hole in my floor above my ceiling in my downstairs bathroom. It’s huge!


It’s definitely progress. We’ve already had another unrelated leak so it’s almost a rush to get this one done to start on the other bathroom. We went to the hardware store the other day and discussed our options on tiles and hardybacker and all that fun remodeling stuff. It almost feels real. Some girls get excited planning their weddings, I get excited planning remodels!


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