Who are we?

Earlier this week a query was posted on another blog akin to being labeled. Are you a knitter or just knitting? Are you an onion with many layers that make the person that is you, or are you a single definable term and quite content with it?

Philosophy is not usually my cup of tea, but this resonated something deep within me.

Who am I? I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, room parent, care taker, pyrographer, painter, artist, fiber artist, knitter, crocheter, baker, cook, maid, chauffeur, organizer, planner and many, many other things. To simply narrow it all down and smack a label down on it for me, is incredibly difficult. To me, it’s like stifling out the flames of who I am to refer to me only as a mom, or only as a knitter. I’m capable of plenty and to limit one to a single category should be a crime. My passion of the week will change, but I will still be me.

So the question of the hour is, who are you?


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