Fiber tool investment! *I really shouldn’t post at night, many edits*

Ok, I’m super stoked. I’m more than that, I’m down right silly excited right now. To explain why, I have to rewind a few days. Wednesday, was a miserable,  terrible, horrible, everything that could go wrong quite possibly did go wrong day. So bad, hubby brought home flowers and candy for me. (The rarer than a blue moon treatment ) Anywho, the next day I went to post something and came home and I was on the phone with my bff. We were discussing the horrors of the day before, when lo and behold, a package!

Now our mail is for the most part consistent and comes between 10:45 and 1pm. This was well after 3pm. So my suspicions were aroused. You see, my husband has been buying a bunch of cheap Chinese made knock off stuff for his guns and other random stuff around the house, that I had totally forgot about something I had purchased earlier this week. Who knew a perfectly timed package could brighten a day so quickly?

This purchase was one of the smartest fiber purchases I have made yet. I bought a second hand Woolee Winder with extra bobbins. The lady I purchased it from was moving and was selling a wheel as well, but it was the same model I had and I was not in the market for another, but a half price Woolee Winder, that didn’t take me long to jump on!

So I’m currently in the middle of spinning the chocolate brown bfl my mom won me on ROC day, and I will be spinning some caramel colored bamboo  and plying them for a nice two ply. If I’m correct I will have two nice sized 2ply skeins. I’m in love with the ww already. It was a fabulous impulse buy.


I’ve actually spun more since this picture was taken, but won’t be taking any more until I get to the bamboo and then start plying. Bamboo is tricky to work with, so I’m going to have to be patient. Especially since I’ve only been working with wool exclusively lately. I can’t wait to start plying, it’s going to look like a twix bar by the time I get through, all chocolate and caramel colored.
Now I just need the fiber fairy to visit me and up my fiber stash, because I’m down to 1 or 2 roving braids after this for a bit until my Camaj fiber arts group order comes in. I guess I’ll have to start knitting some of my beautiful hand spun stash. (Like this freshly added beauty)



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