A bit of spring cleaning

So I’m on a bit of a spinning hiatus due to some cold weather arthritis flare and a touch of a cold/plague/flu. Between the two I’m not much use of anything. I did manage to start cleaning through my craft room before this miserable illness took over. I frogged a few projects and even took them out of the Ravelry queue. Some projects just weren’t meant to be finished. This led me to make some really hard decisions, who really wants to frog single ply lace? I had to. I didn’t have a choice. It just wasn’t worthy of continuing. I have projects that I walk by and go “someday I will” and others that I can’t even look at the bags without guilt. That’s when I knew it was time. I just had to.



Organizing is now to the point where I’m getting the projects and forcing myself to look at them. They aren’t just pretties on a shelf. I forced myself to clear the shelves and put them in baskets on the floor. So I have to trip over them, or look at them, or be in some way attached to them psychologically so that I can’t forget about them. It’s a punishment for all the pretty bags I’ve put them in and made it so easy to forget about the contents. If this is what it takes to get them finished, then so be it. They are already more in focus than they have been the last year.

Let’s talk about the dreaded book shelves. I have 2 bookcases that I have been using to harbor yarn, projects, books and the miscellaneous gizmos and gadgets. I have everything from oil paints and mineral spirits to glass beads and candles to my keepsake wedding bouquet. I have no theme to these shelves other than if it fits, cram it on there. I also have 7 wall shelves and 2 3×3 cubbies to store stuff and so organizing can be a bit tasking when you start pulling things out. I don’t know about you, but I get a bit absent minded and end up upturning the whole room because of things like ‘this yarn has to go over into this basket and *ahhhhhh* it needs to be organized!’ Organizes yarn basket, finds something that doesn’t belongs, takes to proper place and finds new disaster just to continue cycle until whole room is organized!’ (this is my style of cleaning and my house would never get cleaned if I didn’t do this)

The night my cold hit I was attempting hairpin lace, and might’ve cracked it. It seems to be easy going and has a lot of rhythmic movement. Finding a use for it might be something else entirely, but for now I’m just glad to understand it.

We ended up with a bit of snow that disappeared almost as quickly as it came down. It was quite funny, as a friend of mine in Oregon was experiencing sunny 60+ weather in her sandals, down in the south we’re freezing our britches off and enduring school delays.  I also had the joy of chasing down my darling dogs a couple days ago as they decided to run out of the garage while it was opened instead of getting into the car for a drive to pick up the kids from school. So they ended up being left at home on bad behavior in doggy jail.

Now I have to pull myself together and manage not to be sick for a half hour for the Valentine’s class party, room parent, adulting, responsibilities, blah blah blah. DayQuil is my BFF today. Maybe if I’m good the kids will let me nap after homework is done? This thought thrills me to no end.



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