Spin, spinning, spun


Rarely do my purchases of roving have an intended final plan of spinning action. They lure me in with their pretty colors and fibery goodness like a siren on a rock. My spinning happens sporadically and usually waits for inspiration before any yarn comes to light.


Lately I have been stuck on Navajo plying everything. Plying leftovers, gradients, singles- it is the perfect way for dealing with plying and not having anything leftover. Sometimes, just sometimes you find the right combination of colors and you have an idea in mind. Everything will be a labor, but you know exactly what you want and you have to learn to be patient to get there. Patience has been my biggest struggle spinning. 


Learning to slow down and draft more carefully has helped my spinning. I’ve definitely gotten better with tensioning since getting my Woolee winder. My yarn this time came out perfectly balanced once plyed without springing or coiling back up on itself with excess energy.


It’s a slow learning curve and I’m very much enjoying the process. I only wish I didn’t have to miss out on all the finer fibers because of my allergies.


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