A bit of dyeing

It seems as though the busier I get the more I long to do other things and start cramming a ton more into the schedule. I recieved a pound of merino and a pound of cheviot a couple weeks ago. I had plans for the cheviot making dryer balls, but nothing for the merino. When I finally got a free day I ended up dying the roving in the oven. It was a first with oven dying. The results were great but because I didn’t put enough to dye through to the other side in spots, some of them really annoy me even though they have areas left intentionally undyed. Now that I’ve learned a thing or two about this, I think that next time I’ll be more prepared. I loved how they didn’t bleed one bit, not even my toughest colors.


My favorite ended up being the one with a bit of


The colors turned out really pretty and spring like. Naturally I had to spin that one first.


It’s been a while since I’ve been super thrilled to do anything fiber related. I’ve been tempted to put all knitting on hiatus for a bit. Spinning on the other hand is something I would do more if my hands would cooperate, being a bit on the arthritic side doesn’t help.

So in between projects that I’m avoiding I made a hat, but haven’t blocked it. It’s the kind of pattern that would show up well on a single colored yarn, but harder to see with a self striping or variegated. The pattern is Tombreck and it is a simplistic looking hat with a long repeat pattern.


It’s a bit hard to see the pattern in all that neon, but it’s a nice loose, comfy hat.

Last night I learned how to make bread from scratch. That was quite an adventure. It was messy, tiresome and the outcome was edible. I decided on a simple potato bread recipe, which ingredient-wise it may have seemed simple, but it was a very long process with several steps that the cookbook seemed to combine into each step. So there was lots of double checking and a skipped 10 minute rise period. I nearly over proved it because I set it in the oven which happened to still be warm from dinner an hour and a half earlier.




Even my daughter had to have a few slices before bed because it was a nice change.

I’ve been looking through this modernized cookbook we acquired from the holidays and challenged myself to make a few things this week.

Let me tell you a few things: 1) I’m not a planner, and have never meal planned, 2) I’m a picky eater-which is why I don’t cook or make things often that don’t come out of a box, 3) I’m not the only picky eater so it’s easier to have separate meals for the kids, the hubby and I, 4) I don’t own much in the way of baking and cooking supplies other than the basics, which makes things complicated and easier to just not do. So this really is a challenge to push myself outside of a lot of these habits, bounderies, and excuses. So one down, 3 more to go by the end of the week. I’m almost too excited for this.


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