It feels like forever since I’ve posted. I’ve  been preoccupied with many different things. Soccer, spring break, and shawl knitting have been the majors for me lately. I just started Thistledown by Booknits using some gifted yarn from Enchanted Stitches.


I’m working on sample projects for Enchanted Stitches with the gifted yarn. I was really surprised to see how much Heather sent, it was like Christmas opening the squishy mail.


I’ve already completed the Mustardseed Shawl by Booknits
It was fun watching it progress and my first ever shawl with beads.





I started on it Saturday and finished it last night, washed and blocked it as well. It was a delightfully easy pattern with crystal clear instructions. Typically,  lacework is intimidating to me because of my inability to keep track of the pattern repeats and I spend more time counting than I probably should. I was pleasantly surprised with how quick this knit up and how easy it was to add beads. I will definitely be making another one in the future.

I have a Love in a Mist shawl started in Madelinetosh in the colorway Tart and I’ve gotten matching beads for it. I think I’m going to be adding beads to everything I can, it’s so fun!


I’ve managed to finish my step dad’s socks, as well as a pair for myself.



I’m on a knitting spree. Seriously have not been this motivated in ages. Somewhere amidst all the chaos my car decided it didn’t need a sparkplug and we ended up stranded a block and a half from home. Thankfully it was a quick, cheap fix. My hubby rescued us and got the old neon back and running without any further issues.


Now I just have to survive the rest of spring break without losing my sanity.


5 thoughts on “Mustardseed

    • It’s actually easier than you’d think, especially with a Boo Knits patterns, she clarifies where to put stitch markers to keep track of the lace repeats. That makes it a million times easier to follow and fix mistakes with. It took me a while to get some courage to make one of her patterns because they look complex, but aren’t as difficult when you read her instructions, and she gives plenty.

  1. What pretty things you are working on! Your finished one is beautiful, and the new ones are going to be as well. I recently finished my first Boo Knits shawl, Pease Blossom, and am participating in her Danse Macabre MKAL in April. I love her patterns – and Claire from Mollie&Claire was a sweetheart to turn me on to them.

    • This was my first time doing a Boo Knits pattern, I’ve admired her stuff for ages, it just took me a while to get the courage to mess with lace. I’m thinking about doing the Danse Macabre but it may have to wait.

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