I should have used a lifeline

For the last week or so, everybody in my house except my husband seems to be suffering from one ailment or another. My daughter ended up with strep throat and managed to share that with me. So knitting has been a no go. I feel so behind even though I have the last page of clue 3 for Danse Macabre to go. Unfortunately my shawl isn’t aligning with the pattern, and I’m going to have to frog about 20 or so rows for it to line up. (I feel like crying right now) I need to find where I screwed up and put in a lifeline. I will have to do that when I’m without distractions, and this weekend will most certainly not be the time to do so. I have 2 soccer games tomorrow, an adventure including the 7 seas tonight at the school and more chores to finish up. I’m ready for a nap already, while the kids are rearing to go. Hopefully I’ll find my time to frog and cuss in peace.



3 thoughts on “I should have used a lifeline

  1. I hope you feel better and that the frogging isn’t too much of a pain 😦 I really feel for you, so frustrating when you don’t realise you’ve made a mistake

  2. Oh dear! I hope you feel better, and get it sorted out. I got well into chart 6 and realized the same thing. Sadly, my last lifeline was at the end of chart 4, so there was a lot of ripping and reknitting. I am back on track now, and nearly done with chart 6… I hope you don’t have to go too far back. I too feel the pressure to keep up – Hope to be caught up before the next clue comes out, but I peeked a look at chart 8 – holy cow. Lifelines will be going in every other row. So I feel your pain, and I am pulling for you. 🙂

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