Progress and a frog

So I’ve managed to get strep 2 weeks in a row. This also means that I haven’t had the focus and energy that I’ve needed to put into the projects that have been giving me issues. When I finally had a day to catch my breath and the motivation, I sat solemnly frogging my Danse Macabre promising myself to start it as soon as I finish my Love in a Mist.

My Love in a Mist is coming along beautifully and I couldn’t be happier. If only I could find a few more hours in the day to get it finished up! I’m anxious to wear it and get back to my DM. I’ve also started a shawl for my mil for when she visits us, but shhh… it’s a secret!


Love in a Mist progress


3 thoughts on “Progress and a frog

  1. oh, I am sorry you had to frog, but hope you get to make DM someday. Meanwhile, I am glad you got a good day when you felt better to work on your other projects. 🙂

      • And you lose all the pressure of time. I just finished the fourth clue- rows are crazy long! I can’t believe people are done, blocked and modeling already! I’ll be thrilled if I get there in two more weeks.

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