Love in a Mist

If anyone had told me that picot bind offs were the equivelant to being told you’re going to have to work an extra 5 hours of overtime after a double, I would have thought them full of it. After a few hours of struggling and managing to get the hang of it, I opted to go beadless as my patience had worn thin and I left enough after the bind off to rip it back if I felt like punishing myself later. There was no greater feeling than finishing the shawl and blocking every single one of those bazillion or so picots. Well worth it.


I don’t see many patterns and envision a particular color scheme right away, but I’ve had this one in my head for a few years. Now that it’s a reality, I’ve never been so thrilled with how things have turned out. It worked out perfectly from the matching beads to the the tonal reds of the Madeline Tosh Light ‘Tart’. I’m not a fan of solid colors, but give me a tonal and I’m in love. There’s something in the variation that brings it to life. Kind of like a good hair dye job. It brings out the personality rather than drown it out.
*edit: I forgot to mention it is currently sitting with the mad tosh light at my lys on display*

I did make a huge error this week. I should have checked the notes, but really, when was the last time someone did that over a washcloth for gauge? Not me, not ever, and now I’m royally regretting it after reading reviews. You see, the pattern was a knitpicks washcloth,  beautiful and unique-and you’d at least think it would be test knit. Well, whoever wrote it is an insanely tight knitter. Using the correct everything, a 12 inch in diameter pattern turned into a doily. It was close to 16 incest across.


Going pack through others project notes some people went down 4 or 5 needle sizes to get gauge. I’ve definitely learned, and on the bright side I have a new doily. The pattern is Lydia’s Lily Pad.

I ended up frogging my Danse Macabre, but started a new one with different yarn and beads. It definitely makes a difference when you’re happy with your combination. I’ve started this one with Madeline Tosh Lace in the colorway ‘Molly Ringwald’. It’s a beautiful sandy pink with slight tonal variations.


I can’t wait to get a move on with it.


2 thoughts on “Love in a Mist

  1. oh, your love in a mist is pretty! Glad you are feeling good about picot bind off, hint hint. 🙂 I am working on binding off my DM, I don’t know how people finished this on time, seriously! Love your new color for it, I think it will be pretty. When I look a the finished photos, the light colored ones are really beautiful.

    Interesting that your washcloth is so huge – you are right, you would think that the pattern would be test knit. Your new doily is lovely, though. 🙂

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