A rush to the finish line

Sometimes we don’t realise how much we have to do until the days have counted down to the last few before an event or holiday. The time starts running out even quicker when you have deadlines. Add some umpteen dozen or so responsibilities and your knitting time is a fraction of what you would typically have. As the minutes to bed time get closer the quicker we knit and the more impatient we grow. Sometimes we make those deadlines, and sometimes we barely, just barely miss them. But despite all our efforts, the outcome of what we do, our nature for making things with love and gifting to those we hold dear at the end of the day typically pays off. There is no better sight than the smile of a recipient who has requested a particular item and opened said item without actually expecting it. My mother had hinted at something for her shoulders a while ago, and I had a few shawls on the go and decided why not make another. You can never have to many shawls on the needles! So I pulled out my copy of Pebble Beach Shawl and found the shawlette version that was included-perfect for the yardage with one skein of Cascade Heritage.
My goal was to be finished by Saturday night. I realized Thursday evening there were % finished points marked down the pattern.  Believe me, I wasn’t thrilled to find out I only had 35% done that morning. So I got on it and was knitting against my own will and setting goals with different points marked through out the pattern as to where I wanted to be finished by the end of the night, by noon the next day, etc. So I eventually ended up beating my goal and finished earlier early Friday afternoon after another heinous picot bind off.




I took the kids to go pick out some shawl pins and find one that matched and ended up picking up tulle and crocheted some scrubbies that I didn’t manage to take pictures of before gifting.

The majority of this week has been spent sorting and organizing. I’m trying to get a yardsale together and selling stuff online from my stash. I’ve managed to destash a boatload of beads and some yarn, and that money is going towards the hubby’s birthday and father’s day gifts. He’s already started shopping. Hopefully, next month when we have our yardsale it will be an ideal weekend and everything will be sorted through. Hubby has stuff to go through. I have kids rooms to go through and maybe stalk the garage for items. Boxes of kitchenware are already taking over my kitchen. My mom is coming over and bringing stuff to sell as well. The kids will be out of school and will be good helpers, so I’m prepared to take my earnings and put them towards a family vacation if all goes well.
We shall see.

Until then, I have 2 shawls I have to finish, a shirt started and a pair of socks. I wonder what will get finished first.


2 thoughts on “A rush to the finish line

  1. Wow, great job finishing that so quickly! It looks lovely. I like the idea of the pattern letting you know how far you have gotten. That’s really helpful information. Good luck at your yard sale!

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