A finished object and relaxation

It’s been a while for me since I’ve posted, at least that’s my inner guilted monologue speaking. It’s been a bit of chaos here between hurrying through a project, cleaning and prepping for a holiday weekend with my in-laws just to end up sick.

Thursday I bound off the Aisling shawl I made for my mother in law. I ended up having to buy another skein of yarn as I ran out the last 12-18 inches from the end of the cabled border. Which probably ended up eating another 35 yards or so of the second skein. I stayed up late finishing and blocking the shawl as my in-laws were due the following evening. My blocking wires came in the day before and saved my night. Instead of spending an hour pinning, it was only about 15 minutes and I ran out of foam blocks to attatch them to, so my creativity was pushed a bit for nearly midnight.


The results looked better than the heinous blocking job.


I’m seriously contemplating another, if only for myself. It’s over 6 feet wide and just the right amount of light weight and breathable for being in the summer air conditioning. If only it didn’t feel like an eternity finishing it.


Last night I cast on Daydreamer, which is the first shawl in the Wanderlust Knits 2016 Collection. I’ve been eyeballing the vivid summer colors everywhere, and the strawberry-kiwi combination was something that I have been thinking of for a shawl for a bit. I found two brilliant shades of Malabrigo Sock that go together incredibly well, that I couldn’t resist making this shawl with them. I may have to wait on making progress on this for a bit because I still have to finish my Danse Macabre, as it’s been on the back burner so I could finish the Aisling.

I’m Jamie, and I’m a knitaholic, my favorite hobbies are buying yarn and falling into the glorious black hole that is Ravelry and loading myself up on more projects than I’ll ever finish.


3 thoughts on “A finished object and relaxation

  1. Hi, I’m Mary Lou, nice to meet you. The brilliant shades of Malabrigo Sock do go well together. The start of something gorgeous!

  2. Hi Jamie! I’m salpal and I am right there with you. 😉 Ainsley looks great, the new pink and green shawl will be beautiful and summery, and I can’t wait to see your Danse Macabre !

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