A short blurb

The kids have been out of school for a couple of weeks. Keeping them busy and out of trouble has been the bigger focus lately. They play nicely for a while and then the claws come out of nowhere and everything comes to a halt. We’ve played lots of board games and hid in the air conditioning because of our 90°+ weather. We’ve even had a couple of water gun fights. Slowly but surely things are coming together for next weekends yard sale.

I’ve started a new project.(mainly in avoidance of others) It’s my first personal sweater, using the pattern Jarvis. I found a gorgeous blend of cotton/wool/silk for it at my lys and have had the damnedest time trying to photograph it.


The color is a grayish blue with a hint of green.


I was hoping to make some progress on it today, but my hvac decided to crap out and it’s been too hot to even think of picking up my knitting. The hvac is fixed now but we are still waiting for the house to cool down, as the average temperature inside is around 80° at the moment. I can’t wait for things to readjust and get back to knitting.


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