Never ending knitting

I picked up some yarn at my lys and couple weeks back and got to work on my Jarvis sweater. It took 10 days from start to finish, and has been one of the quickest, easiest, fun knits I’ve done so far. The yarn I used was Cestari, which was a blend of cotton/silk/wool. It had a bit of vm in it that I picked out as I knit. It’s a very well made wool, enough so that I went back to my lys and picked up another sweaters worth of yarn.






The process was exciting, as it is my first official finished sweater for me. Now that I’m finished, I have a promised sweater for my daughter to get to work on, but not before my son’s last minute birthday request for a sweater is completed. (Birthday 7/2, same as mine and one heck of a time constraint)
I’m pretty sure I have plenty of knitting, including a couple of shawls that have been on the back burner, to last until school starts again.


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