I’ve been working on and off on Silverleaf all month. Friday I finally got at it and finished up the last 40 or so rows and made the bind off. I haphazardly blocked it before picking up the kids from school. I waited to sew in the ends until last night and I’m glad to have a shawl in a summery yarn, Cascade Sunseeker- a cotton yarn with a single shimmery tinsel ply. 

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m preferential with my weaving in ends after blocking as opposed to before. I don’t know why but it seems to be easier/cleaner looking and all around less stressful. 

This shawl was a bit of a challenge keeping track of the rows and stitch count overall. There was lots of frogging and reknitting. 

(Eta: the whole paragraph that apparently got deleted in the picture upload process)

I took a short break from knitting and decided to do a bit of dyeing. It’s been a while since I’ve hit the dye pots and I managed to land me some silk/rayon blend for a sweater but the catch is I needed to use fiber reactive dyes on it per the ratio of fibers. The silk is unknown but the rayon is from bamboo. Slowly I worked out a steely blue color, but once rinsed it changed colors.

It went to a very light greenish gray. I ended up overdyeing it multiple times until I got something I considered reasonably pretty.

The merino was only too easy. I managed to get a brand new dedicated dyeing crock pot for $20 at target and had to test it out.

(I have no idea how to turn that picture around lol )

Anyways, I think I have my winter knitting all set up and I’ll be busy when the colder weather hits. If only fall would get here quicker. At least September is right around the corner.


A sweater down!

I love being able to say a big project is finished. There’s something about weaving in that last end and snipping the last tail that give you such great relief. Friday night I managed to finish my daughter’s version of Flax Light. I left it folded neatly on the couch assuming she’d find it and be wearing it before I found my first cup of coffee.

 By mid morning, laundry being folded, I spotted it and asked my husband if she knew it was done. Apparently she had a hard time getting up like the rest of us folks and without the convenience of caffeine had missed it entirely. I called to her and asked her if she she’d seen it. And as I asked, I unfolded it revealing it’s finished partnered sleeve. She immediately snagged it from me and forced it over her head and was the happiest kid I’d ever seen.

(Forgive the lighting, we had a dreary morning) 

She wore it in our heavily air conditioned home to read books and play with our new kitten Sam all day. He seems to like it too.

Now off to start my sweaters and work on all these wips laying around! It’s been ages since I’ve been able to work on something I’m actually looking forward to knitting.

Intermission projects

There are projects that seem as though a snails pace would move faster. There are also projects (perhaps the same ones) that give your hands and wrists grief because of the small needle size used and all you want to do is work on something else in the meantime. I’ve gotten to that point in a version of the sweaterĀ Flax Light, which I have modified to be plain without the garter panels and done in a light sport weight rather than a sock weight. The sweater is for my daughter and she picked out the yarn and colors so it was quite difficult finding a pattern that would work well with 3 colors, color blocked. I can get through a good half hour to 45 minutes of working if it’s not too chilled from the air conditioning in the house, but the second my hands get cold my knuckles start locking up and I start fighting with my muscles and start popping/cracking my knuckles and rubbing my hands every half row or so.

Now I managed to get a break with an intermission/gratification project. My niece’s first birthday is around the corner and I’ve been wanting to make a summer dress for her to wear. I found a pattern for a simple yet cute cotton dress that was simple enough yet quick moving, and better yet-not on small needles! The pattern isĀ Shades of Summer Dress, and again I like to modify things to be a bit more simplistic and faster going so I omitted the seed stitch panel.

The colors were hard to photograph and they’re a bit softer than this. I’m posting this today as the recipient is supposed to be recieving it today. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see her in it.