My sweet puppy

This week has been a whirlwind. The eclipse, leaving LuLaRoe,  my husband and I both started college Monday, and we were struck with a tragedy that evening. Our dogs have always been strong willed but usually are very complicit, until they get bored of their surroundings. We have a good sized back yard and over the years the boundaries got tested more and more. Half this past summer was spent fixing the fence where they found out how to crawl under and be jail birds. We were pretty lucky for the most part, we would either catch them or within minutes neighbors would be by with them. 

Monday evening I was home with the kids and my sister and received the worst phone call. Someone had found the puppies, but were situated across the Parkway from us. When I told her I was going to grab the kids before heading out, she said it wasn’t a good idea. She told me one of them had been hit by a car. I was shaking the whole way over, trying not to cry. The panic was hitting me that all their determination to escape had finally batted against them. When I got there I could see my sweet girl by the median. I couldn’t bare to go over to her. I did get to take my loving boy home, but it has been a hellacious ordeal. There were several wonderful women who helped to reunite us. They comforted me while I had to call my husband who was on his way home from his first class and break the news. I’m not sure how long it was, but I’m grateful my sister was there to keep an eye on the kids.  
Now we are trying to adjust to our boy, all alone, having to relearn how to dog. Mancy was always the ringleader and he always followed her. They always went together everywhere.  I’m so terribly heart broken. I keep expecting her to bark in the morning to be let out, watch her play with the kitties, nose licks. This is going to be incredibly difficult for all of us to move forward from. We never kept animals long enough to live out their entire lives growing up, so this is a first even for me. 

The kids are going to be seeing the circle of life come full circle here shortly, with a cat that we adopted recently who turned out not to be fixed but already pregnant by the time we got her. 

Her name is Daenerys and she will be showing them the amazing side of life in the next week to 10 days. She’s finally adjusting to our chaos and is fine with the boys now, but still adjusting to our easiest fur baby Warrior. 

Tyrion has taken over as Warriors shadow and I’m so incredibly touched by his gesture. I’m hoping that through all of this we will be able to make out as good as they easily make it seem. Life will never be the same, but we know that she was and is loved.