Intermission projects

There are projects that seem as though a snails pace would move faster. There are also projects (perhaps the same ones) that give your hands and wrists grief because of the small needle size used and all you want to do is work on something else in the meantime. I’ve gotten to that point in a version of the sweater Flax Light, which I have modified to be plain without the garter panels and done in a light sport weight rather than a sock weight. The sweater is for my daughter and she picked out the yarn and colors so it was quite difficult finding a pattern that would work well with 3 colors, color blocked. I can get through a good half hour to 45 minutes of working if it’s not too chilled from the air conditioning in the house, but the second my hands get cold my knuckles start locking up and I start fighting with my muscles and start popping/cracking my knuckles and rubbing my hands every half row or so.

Now I managed to get a break with an intermission/gratification project. My niece’s first birthday is around the corner and I’ve been wanting to make a summer dress for her to wear. I found a pattern for a simple yet cute cotton dress that was simple enough yet quick moving, and better yet-not on small needles! The pattern is Shades of Summer Dress, and again I like to modify things to be a bit more simplistic and faster going so I omitted the seed stitch panel.

The colors were hard to photograph and they’re a bit softer than this. I’m posting this today as the recipient is supposed to be recieving it today. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see her in it.


let me play catch up

The past few weeks have been financially breaking, in return has been emotionally tolling and most definitely not knit worthy. I don’t think I’ve done more than a dozen rows in the last 5 days. We replaced our HVAC system almost 2 weeks ago, it was at a lethal stage of trying to kill us if we turned the heat on this winter, as well as it was a constant 80+ degrees in the house consistently in over 90 degree weather. (it was also 20 years old which is ancient in HVAC years)  2 different outfits agreed that sucker had to go, and so did we.

That was nearly 2 weeks ago Friday. The following Monday I went to a lovely ShiBui yarn tasting at my lys. It was wonderful, finally found the perfect yarn for my Hitofude and was able to get that ordered. On my way home, nearly 2 miles from my house, a loud boom and pressure behind my pedals put me in new waters as my car committed suicide next to a conveniently placed gas station. I lost all power to use the gas and could barely push the brakes, and it was like the good ole days before power steering. I casually turned my hazards on and maneuvered my way to the gas station the best I could, and then I made the dreaded call to my hubby. (he swears I broke it on purpose)

After all that excitement, it turned out to be a broken timing belt that ruined my engine when it snapped. The joys of having an interference engine and not knowing if the prior owner kept things up to date. Sometimes you end up learning things the hard way. It would have cost me just as much to buy another car as it would to replace the engine, so the search began.

Car searches in the last 10 years have been made much easier with the internet. The last year or so, it seems like more and more people selling cars think themselves akin to dealers rather than private sellers. Pricing similarly but not offering the warranties or guaranties that the NADA pricing gets you with a car dealership. Of course this drove up the price of what used to be affordable cars, something I could have bought 3 years ago for $2000 they want nearly triple that with over 150,000 miles on it. I could have died laughing at the audacity of the nerve of some of these people. NADA is the National Automotive Dealership Association, they have a pricing guide book online, just like Kelly Blue Book and Kelly Black Book. Private sellers are in the same financial situation the buyers are, but some of them seem to think everyone is gullible for some reason not going to do their research.

We went out to look at a PT Cruiser, it was an 06 with less than 90,000 miles on it. They wanted $4000 for it, and that was higher than the pristine condition KBB for dealership sales was. Out of curiosity we went to see it, because pictures can be deceiving. Boy were they ever. Carfax claimed ZERO accidents, had major fender damage on the drivers side, and someone had tried to repaint the damage on the grill, and it was missing pins so when you drove it there was a horrible thumping sound where the fender was loose on the driver’s side. The interior had cigarette burns, stab marks and wreaked of smoke. The rear view mirror needed to be replaced as it was so damaged you couldn’t see out of it. The muffler needed to be replaced, paint was cracked and chipping, minor dings and dents everywhere. Overall it was neglected and in P.O.S. status, nowhere near good, let alone like new. We gave the guy a lowball offer and he said he had more people coming to look at it but might consider it if nobody made an offer. There was a ton of other work I knew it was going to need and it just didn’t fit the bill.

When you live in a smaller city with a financially disproportionate population, it makes it more difficult to find what you are looking for. Eventually we ended up having to borrow money and expand our price range to get something newer with a warranty, and that dropped just in time for my birthday.

Saturday was crazy. We went out for a celebratory lunch for my son and I’s birthday. While there I received a phone call from a long time family friend, who may as well be family. He visited with his puppy and took the short people for rides in his semi. We eventually made it to our birthday party a few hours late. Enjoyed the time spent with family and friends. It was a great weekend spent reminiscing and just plain laid-back. Things are finally getting back into a routine, so hopefully I won’t have any more major upsets before tax time.

Now it’s time to grab the kids and go on an adventure with the Pokemon Go app that just came out!

I couldn’t wait

I get excited when I make people gifts. In anticipation of my daughter’s 9th I decided to make a fox. I was super thrilled with how the fox turned out, and ended up wrapping it up and stashing it the closet in hopes that it wouldn’t distract me.


As soon as I picked up the kids from school, I knew my resolve would be hopeless. It was like money burning a hole in my pocket, I was so excited and the adrenaline and thrill of completing another project had been fueling me all day. I just had to give it to her.

The fox idea sprang from a whir of the moment confession about a month ago from my daughter, proclaiming foxes were her favorite animal, and that they were just soooooo cute. So off on the pattern hunt I went. Nothing in the free category spot hit the spot. I started skimming the paid section, and there are so many cute ones! But one stood out, mainly for the chibi like features, and my daughter is into anime and anime drawing at the moment, so I knew it was destined to be the one.

Cut to yesterday afternoon, I let her open it. She’s making random guesses as to what it could be, mainly Pokémon related. And low and behold it’s a fox.


Happiest girl ever! She’s named her Fiona Faith Fox. She ran around with her all evening and chased her brother around with her and goofed off. She now has a new favorite toy, and I’m glad all the hours of sneaking around, hiding the project has paid off.