Work work work work work

Where do I start? The last 6 months have been a whirlwind, spent gorging on new information, studying, ┬álearning, trying and implementing. I have so much on my brain that I usually drop like a fly come bed time. I haven’t been this satiated socially and physically in ages, just from getting work done. Granted vendor events totally wreak havoc on my body, the day after I’m incapacitated, but fulfilled. It’s a strange feeling I haven’t had in years. Meeting new people, networking, creating events and managing them. Being a girlboss is tough work.

I grew up in the mentality towards direct sales with two specific ideas; 1. It’s always a pyramid scheme in disguise, 2. It’s a hobby. While it is easy to believe the first is true, I am not being forced, coerced or any other means to make teams or bump my numbers up. I have a great team with wonderful women who seek to share their success and help others who are having a bit of a rough time. ┬áThe amount of time and money I’ve invested may scream hobby, but I’m on the track to earn my investment back, slowly but surely. I haven’t done anything this physically laborious in years. I will cry if I forget to pack flats. One mistake, lesson learned. Everything will hurt for ages if you work in heels. So will your arms from slinging heavy frakta bags into the back of an SUV. It isn’t easy and there isn’t always help. Add a broken wobbly rack threatening to spill hundreds of pounds of clothing everywhere on top of painful shoes and you’ll want to kick your own rear for getting into it.


Sure it’s easy to say all we do is take pictures and the clothing sells itself, but it doesn’t work that way, not even 6 months after signing my contract. Planning, prepping, and making outfits, interaction posts, and collage graphics is time consuming. Changing mannequins is not for the impatient. Neither is working with cheap lighting and having to color correct every single picture. It is rewarding though, just being able to put a smile on people’s faces through gifting and conversation. All the other details fade away.


At the end of the day I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I enjoy doing this and getting to meet new people. My anxiety has dropped considerably in the months that I have been doing this. I feel happier, and that’s what I have been striving for, and the added bonus of being able to be a day maker makes it that much better.


Major changes this way come

I guess you can say I’ve become a casual knitter and less of a serious one. My hands start to swell more and my DE is out of control so I can’t really touch too many things. I found out through recent testing that I’m allergic to nickel, which is in stainless steel and pretty much most metal things like silver, white gold, 14k gold, steel. The preservative allergy I saw coming, this was a bit more blindsiding. It’s rather forced my anxiety and depression into an undue state of not sleeping, not accomplishing things, not knowing what to do, with an ever cycling thought pattern of ‘what next, what now?’
To answer that question short and simply: LuLaRoe.

I’m queuing to become a consultant and I am ready to have a job where I pick my hours, push myself outside of my comfort zone and meet new people, get to go new places and have fun and amazing opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have stuck in my home.

So, for those that are curious I will link my fb page and my group info is on there to join. 

I am focusing on making 2017 a positive, successful, and more interactive outside of my comfort zone year. I have set goals and made lists- neither of the like I typically do normally.  So to find my positivity and happiness again, I’m starting anew. I’m excited and terrified at the same time. I just hope that those who have stuck around here can appreciate that I may not be around as much but you will know where to find me if you’re curious. If you want to know why it started, the leggings.

These leggings:

The knit ones came up in many knitting groups and I went on a hunt. I found them, fell in love and bought many more items. Now I want to share my love of the exciting and limited amounts of prints and people who make this so fun to do. I’ve met and talked with more people in the last month than I can remember socializing with in ages. I love it. It reminds of the best job I ever had and enjoyed working at a music store. If you love what you do and do what you love everything just falls into place.

I picked out the funnest mailers and cards just FYI. If you order from me you get pineapples and unicorns.

I’m learning to love myself again throughout this whole process as well. Taking pictures of myself is something I avoid like the plague. Now that it is work, it forces me to face my fears and embarassments. At least I feel pretty is my new motto. I’m hoping to change it, but right now this works.

So for all of you that need inspiration, I leave you with this: