A sweater down!

I love being able to say a big project is finished. There’s something about weaving in that last end and snipping the last tail that give you such great relief. Friday night I managed to finish my daughter’s version of Flax Light. I left it folded neatly on the couch assuming she’d find it and be wearing it before I found my first cup of coffee.

 By mid morning, laundry being folded, I spotted it and asked my husband if she knew it was done. Apparently she had a hard time getting up like the rest of us folks and without the convenience of caffeine had missed it entirely. I called to her and asked her if she she’d seen it. And as I asked, I unfolded it revealing it’s finished partnered sleeve. She immediately snagged it from me and forced it over her head and was the happiest kid I’d ever seen.

(Forgive the lighting, we had a dreary morning) 

She wore it in our heavily air conditioned home to read books and play with our new kitten Sam all day. He seems to like it too.

Now off to start my sweaters and work on all these wips laying around! It’s been ages since I’ve been able to work on something I’m actually looking forward to knitting.


Adventures in fulling

So I finished knitting my mindless project, a huge tote bag that I’m getting ready to finish fulling, as per the more accurate term. Most people don’t know the difference or haven’t heard, but felting is done fiber on fiber, but fulling is done with knit or crocheted, and even woven pieces. 

Here is the before at over 24 inches wide and 19 inches tall:


I couldn’t even fit it on my accuquilt board without it rolling over. My absent mind made a sophomoric mistake of using a stretchy bind off thinking it would be shrunk and tightened into the work during the fulling process. Nope. But it did give it more of a beachy tote look to it even though there are zero increases from the bottom. Here is fulling result number 1:


Sorry it’s a bit blurry, daylight ran out and my phone’s camera doesn’t fare well in the dusk.
The bag lost a bit of height but not as much width as I’d hoped, so I will full again later.

Winter is coming (neglected project edition )

I’ve walked past this project so many times I have had to block out the guilt of neglecting it. I know it’s a bit more mentally tasking than others  because it’s double knitting. I’ve had so many random/strange/important projects pop up that I’ve been able to justify not working on it. Well I can’t anymore. So I’ve picked up and done 9 more rows and will work as much as my poor wrist will allow.


Question to fellow project hoarders?

I seem to be stuck in a rut with a few of my projects and can’t seem to shake it. I’ve managed to have 1 that I’ve finished,  but not the single project that I’ve put myself on a deadline with. I find myself going back through patterns and spending an evening here and there frogging because I didn’t care or I need the needles and had no plan to come back to them. Does anyone else do this? Just frog maddeningly until all but the sole few you need to finish are left. And then the curiosity hits after skimming Facebook knitting groups


and ravelry and magically have 3 or 4 new projects started within a week of epic frogging.  I feel like I have a really bad knitting addiction. I think I’ve managed a week without it in the last year. Anyone else find themselves doing the same?

Wip Wednesday

It feels like an eternity since I’ve posted.


I’m making progress on the back panel of my Girl Friday cardigan.


I finished spinning and plying this beautiful purple wool yesterday and decided to knit a hat for my dd.



I had barely any left of my bamboo/wool I spun the other day, so I decided to jump on the mini mini skein boat and make a tiny key chain.
I ended up visiting my husband at work for a short while yesterday,  and the lady who received all the baby stuff I finished up recently was there. He introduced us, and she love love loves the little cardi I was so worried about.


I spotted this car the other day and ♡ their license plate.


I still haven’t managed to make any progress cleaning the craft room up. It taunts me every time I walk by. I just haven’t had the time. Every time I have a bit of time, something else comes up. So my plan is to have some of it organized by the weekend. Or at least get a ton of organizing done on Saturday.

Projects galore

So I seem to have this huge problem. I keep starting projects. I can’t stop. I have so many that I am running out of project bags to hide them in. I will say that I’m super proud to have finished another project, despite how much it plagued me towards the end. My husband’s coworker is adopting a baby girl due at the end of the month. So of course I’m feeling pretty obligated as a crafty person to do something.  So I decided to make a cardigan from my Lace One Skein Wonders book. I messed it up from the beginning and pretty much altered it as I went. I should have read through all the instructions,  but I didn’t and found that the sleeves were knitted separate and blocked before being sewn on. I was not happy when I discovered that.  So I improvised the rest of it.  I was so tired of looking at it, I ditched it when I went to my lys this evening.


I ended up crocheting a border for it.
I started browsing through one of the books I acquired the other day, and may have found a pattern or 3 I like. It didn’t help one bit when I found the sale at my lys on summer yarns.  I managed to get a few rows done of my cardi while I was out. Talking with the ladies about the crafty people in our families and the different crafts we do outside of yarn crafts. It was a wonderful breather just to be around people who share the same passions.
I forgot to mention,  Monday I was wandering around the good will near my lys and found a quiltcut set for $10.


It had everything in it, and I was really shocked after seeing the prices of the latest model they make. I needed a bigger mat, and I just managed to find a once in a lifetime steal. It is quite useful,  as I have several projects coming up requiring the use of it.


I also forgot to  mention I finished one of my mindless cowls that I started last year, using up a stash of merino/recycled silk thrums. The colors in natural light remind me of berries and cream. It’s super soft. So technically I have finished 3 projects in the last week. Need to finish the baby blanket I have planned to go with the baby cardi and my knitting time will be all mine once again!